OOLET Services

The Office of Online Learning and Educational Technology supports the design, delivery and continuous improvement of high-quality online content, programs, courses, pedagogies, instructional materials, initiatives, related technical technologies and support.

The Office of Online Learning and Educational Technology staff members are available to meet individually, in groups or virtually with any member of the Stetson Community who would like help with their online content.

Need User Support for Online Technologies?

OOLET can help with walk-in, phone, email, virtual faculty and virtual student support.


  • Canvas, Zoom, Ensemble, Respondus
  • Troubleshooting, training, questions, etc.

Need Assistance with Online Content & Course Development?

OOLET can help with Online Instructional & Pedagogical Design as well as Best Online Practices


  • Help ensure online content achieves learning objectives.
  • Identify opportunities for collaborative online learning.
  • Implement Universal Design for Learning principles.

Need Assitance with Educational Technology Training?

OOLET can help with by offering Individual and group training sessions.


  • Canvas, Zoom, Ensemble, Respondus.
  • Beginner to advanced courses.

Need Assistance with Quality Assurance for Online Content?

OOLET can Perform quality assurance reviews; make recommendations as indicated.


  • Just let us know which course(s) and we can perform a thorough review based on industry standards.

Need Assistance with Identifying and Recommending Educational Technology Solutions?

Have a unique or new problem or need? We can help find a technical solution.


  • Explore innovative ways to use technology to achieve learning objectives, group work, experiential learning, etc.

Need Assistance with Researching New and Emerging Technologies?

OOLET can Research and advise on new technologies and solutions for a variety of concerns.


Need help with new products from sales reps? Found your own technical tools? We can help with research and advise for the best solution