Stetson University IT Projects

Stetson University's IT department has several major projects underway with more planned for the future. Below is a list of a few of our significant projects:

File server to Teams Migration

This cross-campus project is aimed at helping S:\ drive users transition their documents from our legacy file server environment into the cloud leveraging technology from Microsoft Teams. Here are the highlights of moving your files to the cloud:

  • Access to all your important files from anywhere, no need to VPN to access documents.
  • Files On-Demand allows you to access your files just as you did before using Windows Explorer or Apple Finder.
  • Frequently on the go? Mobile Office apps like Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams and OneNote make it easy to open the files you are working on.
  • Cloud environment offers file versions! Need to go back to a previous version of your document? Not a problem.
  • More secure. Files access can be restricted anytime by Team Site Owners, and Data Loss Prevention policies automatically mark files containing sensitive information allowing you to make smarter decisions on how the data is stored or shared.

Adoption of Kaltura Video 

Our new Content Delivery Network (CDN) is replacing our legacy solution, Ensemble. Kaltura will allow us to continue to record classrooms, but leverage technology in the classroom to allow for live recording of content, captioning and a modern player that allows for a more seamless experience on a computer or mobile device.

Building of the Advocacy Center – College of Law

The new building will provide the following additions to the College of Law

  • Six Courtrooms
  • Additional Faculty and Staff Offices
  • Student – Media collaboration space
  • Trophy and Awards Hall
  • New Book Store Location
  • The latest wireless technology allows for near-wired speed performance to keep up with today’s collaborative needs.

Fiber Backbone Upgrades - DeLand and Gulfport

Fiber wiring connects all our network locations/buildings together creating a network. The pre-existing fiber at our campus has served us well but is having a difficult time keeping up with demand. A new fiber network based on single-mode fiber will provide faster communication between our networks resulting in faster access to Banner, improved quality of conferencing meetings as well as improved quality of our wireless services.