Data Loss Prevention - Microsoft Teams

Identifying Sensitive Information

It is best practice to use existing services or portals designed to support the collection of electronic information containing PII and PCI data.  It is your professional responsibility to determine whether the information should be stored or shared electronically.

We are utilizing both Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies and labeling to aid you in easily identifying files in Teams containing sensitive information.

How will this help me?

  • Emails will alert you to sensitive documentation that has been created in Teams.
  • Visual cues will serve as a reminder to be cautious of who the data is shared with.
  • Stetson's Information Technology Policy and Data Storage Guidelines are designed to protect your personal information, as well as others.

DLP for Teams

When a newly created Teams file containing sensitive data is saved for the first time, you will receive an email notification from Office 365 alerting you to a policy conflict.  You will have the option to Open the item, which will direct you to SharePoint so you may resolve the issue.

Data Loss Prevention email example

While navigating through Teams files, you will notice those containing PII and PCI data are flagged with a small warning symbol.  This is a visual reminder that the information is sensitive and to be mindful of how it is shared.

Data Loss Prevention example in files containing sensitive information

When working in documentation in Teams, a policy tip will appear at the top of the screen to notify you if the information is sensitive.  You may click More Options for additional information, which will direct you to the Team's corresponding SharePoint site.  Here, you will see detailed information on what data conflicts with Stetson's Information Technology Policy:

Data Loss Prevention example for checking specific technology policy violations

If you believe the information was flagged in error, you may override the warning by selecting Report an issue or Override.