Stetson Hiring Process

Our HR Team is driven to provide an efficient and people-focused experience for our colleagues who are hiring new talent and the new employees we welcome into our community.

Please note, this process is specific to the DeLand Employment process. For questions regarding the employment process at the College of Law, please e-mail [email protected].

A job description is a useful, plain-language tool that explains the tasks, duties, function and responsibilities of a position. This is important in clarifying roles, determining salary levels, work location, conducting performance reviews and creating reasonable accommodations. Additionally, stating how the position relates to the mission and goals of Stetson is useful in recruiting employees for our diverse and inclusive workforce. (To simply update a job description, with no staffing request needed, please e-mail [email protected].) 

All requests for new or replacement positions, job reclassifications, department reorganizations and other changes affecting position budgets must go through Stetson's Staffing Process. 

  1. Complete the Staffing Request Form
  2. Receive approval/sign-off from the appropriate vice president, provost, dean of law or athletic director.
  3. Submit the Staffing Request Form to Chris Chellberg, Associate Director of Total Rewards, at [email protected].
  4. Respond to any questions from the staffing committee.
  5. When approval is granted, you will receive a communication from Chris Chellberg, Associate Director for Total Rewards.

Stetson utilizes Silkroad as our recruiting software. Once hiring managers and recruiters are added to this platform, they will be able to access this program through their MyStetson page. 

  1. Upon approval of the Staffing Committee, you will receive a communication from Chris Chellberg, Associate Director for Total Rewards, regarding the position grade, classification and other pertinent information for posting. 
  2. Please complete the Silkroad Posting Form. This form provides our employment team with the necessary information to post your position, along with qualifying and/or disqualifying questions to help identify the best candidates.
  3. Our Employment Team will post the position and the hiring manager and recruiter will receive an automated e-mail confirmation that the position is posted and recruiter assigned.
  4. THR will then send a "Next Steps" e-mail providing the information in Step 4.


All positions are posted on our Stetson Careers website. If you wish to recruit on other position-pertinent platforms, please consult with our Employment Specialist, Anh Nguyen, [email protected]. We also encourage departments to have employees post to social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and other networking lists, as applicable. 

Navigating Silkroad Platform: Use this guide to assist in navigating the Silkroad platform.


  1. First Round Interviews - As you review candidates and select applicants for first-round interviews, we encourage you to use our SparkHire one-way video interview. Please complete the SparkHire Interview Form to set up the questions you wish to ask and identify the candidates for your first round interviews. SparkHire is a free-to-you, web-based program which allows you to complete the first round of interviews without having to worry about scheduling interviews. Candidates appreciate the flexibility of this platform because they can complete the interview on their own schedule. We encourage you to use this to create efficiency in your search. If you have questions about this, please reach out to [email protected] and we will set up a meeting to show you how simple and effective this tool can be. 
  2. Complete Interviews and Select Candidate - After you complete your second and/or third round interviews, you will identify a top candidate.
  3. Complete Reference Forms: Once you have identified a top candidate, perform at least two reference checks. (The candidate's references are available on their Silkroad application.) 


Once the top candidate is selected and reference forms completed, move on to the job offer stage.

This stage of the New Hire process requires two-way communication with the HR Team prior to any offer being extended.

Verbal Offer/Negotiation:

When a verbal offer is pending, please email Chris Chellberg ([email protected]) with the candidate’s name, attached reference forms and the offer you would like to make. Chris will assist in approving the candidate and offer amount based on classification, experience, internal equity and market data.

Written Offer Extended:

After the verbal offer is accepted, email Chris Chellberg, providing the name, email address, supervisor, pay, expected hours/week, if employee will require an MVR (motor vehicle report) check due to required use of university or personal vehicles for work, and anticipated start date.  This information will be used to create the offer letter, which will be sent to the employee for signature and the supervisor. The new employee onboarding process will then begin. 

After the top candidate has accepted the offer of employment, the HR Team will initiate the clearance and onboarding process with the assistance of the hiring manager and other university colleagues. We encourage the supervisor and/or hiring manager to continue communication as the employee navigates the onboarding process:

  1. MVR Check (if applicable): If the employee will be driving a university-owned, leased or rented vehicle or who will regularly drive their personal vehicle on behalf of the university, or transport students for university functions, they will need to complete an Authorization for Release of Driving Record
  2. Background Check: HR will initiate a background check for the approved employee once the offer letter is signed and the MVR check (if necessary) is complete. An email will be sent to the candidate from our background check provider, ACCURATE, with instructions to complete their portion of the process. The background check process typically take 2-4 days, but can be more given outside factors (multiple past addresses, international residency, etc.). Background checks are reviewed by HR on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Employee ID Number Created: The supervisor and hiring manager will be notified when the background check and MVR is complete. At this time, tthe employee's ID number is issued and sent to the hiring manager.
  4. HR Initiates Red Carpet Onboarding: Red Carpet Onboarding is a New Hire Dashboard where the new employee will complete their employment forms (I-9, W-4, direct deposit, etc.) The new employee should complete these forms prior to arrival on campus.
  5. New Employee Checklist: The hiring department should quickly begin the New Employee Welcome Checklist.
    • Information Technology Needs: Submit New Employee Request for Services.
    • Office Preparation: Have files or other unnecessary supplies/equipment been removed from previous incumbent?
    • Facilities Preparation: Is the workspace clean? Is there a need for custodial or maintenance work orders to ensure the space is clean and fully functional for your new employee? 
    • Office Access: Have you submitted the request for the employee if they will require keys to their building/office? If card access is needed, have you requested access for our new employee? 
    • Business Supplies: Have you ordered all necessary supplies for the new employee? Some helpful links are below. 
    • Networking Organizations: If appropriate, add the employee to the appropriate list-servs, distribution lists and professional organizations.

A member or member(s) of the team should escort the New Employee from place to place throughout the day so they do not get lost or feel lost. Remember, this is often an exhausting and overwhelming day for a new employee so it is important to provide breaks and recognize they might not retain all information provided to them on day one. 

  • Opportunity to settle into their work space (and retrieve the I-9 ID documents they will need for HR). 
  • Come to the Human Resources office to complete their federal verification of employment form (I-9). They will need to bring their original I-9 acceptable documents with them to the office. We will not be able to accept expired documents or unofficial copies of documents. When they arrive to HR, they will also receive a welcome folder and their Employee ID Form (necessary to receive their ID).
  • Stop by the ID office in the Welcome Center (if needed).
  • Introduction of work colleagues and tour of building (include restrooms).
  • Make sure their technology works at their workstation and submit any support tickets as necessary. 
  • Meet with supervisor to review job description. 
  • Invite them to any necessary Microsoft Teams and explain how to use the platform (if necessary).
  • Identify a colleague or peer to develop a connection and act as a support for the employee.
  • Provide the employee with an overview of how their training and orientation will proceed.
  • Ensure employee knows when they should go on lunch/break. Ideally someone might join them for lunch if possible.

After the Hatter Welcome, it is time to get down to business and help the new team member acclimate to Stetson. This plan might include: 

  • Benefits meeting: If employee is eligible, set up a Benefits meeting for Employee with Rashmi Mazzarella within first two weeks of employment.
  • Introduction to key constituents. Schedule the meeting here.
  • Set up meetings with people they will be collaborating with across campus.
  • Make sure the employee is invited to all department meetings, committees or events (as necessary).
  • Introduce employee to Stetson applications/need-to-knows like: SchoolDude, Timesheet/Leave Reporting, Event Request System, IT Support, WebGarage, Public Safety, etc.
  • Schedule 30-day check-in with their supervisor.
  • Schedule 90-day review with employee, prior to probation period ending.

We are here to help!

Please contact the following team members directly with questions specific to:

As always, we welcome your feedback. If you feel there is anything missing on this page, or you need additional support, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].