Hollis Center Gym


Student Counseling Services

Counseling is a process of self-discovery and growth. Mental health counselors take a holistic approach to client wellness, fostering individual development while simultaneously encouraging healthy relationships and communication styles. Through this process, counseling can help you learn more about yourself, your needs and the needs of others. It also helps to boot self-esteem, self-confidence, and strengthen your interpersonal skills. Counseling helps you learn how to make better decisions for your emotional health and well-being.

Wellness and Recreation

Our shared vision is to support Stetson University's core value of wellness by empowering the community to engage in purposeful initiatives that promote the mind, spirit and body.

Health Service

Stetson Health Service's mission is to promote optimal health and wellness, disease prevention and provide quality health care that is appropriate, affordable, accessible and relevant. We strive to empower students to be self-directed and well-informed, and to continually improve the standards of health care.

Club Sports

Club sports are organizations chartered by individuals motivated by a common interest in a particular sporting activity. The program's overall goal is to foster an environment of learning and development through involvement in teamwork, fundraising, service projects, budgeting, scheduling, practicing and competing within each club's particular sport.


Stetson University's athletics division includes 15 intercollegiate men's and women's sports in the NCAA Division I Atlantic Sun Conference.


The intramural sports program strives to provide quality, diverse and engaging sports and events to the university community.