Understanding My Bill

Your tuition bill may be difficult to understand at first read. This page breaks down the bill and explains each section one by one so that you know exactly where your money is going when attending Stetson University.

  1. Top of the Bill
  2. Charges, Credits and Anticipated Credits
  3. Billing Summary
  4. Making Your Payment and Due Date

Sample Bill PDF

1. Top of the Bill

Header of Sample Bill

The top of the bill will always have your SUID number, your name and the amount that is due. That way, you know right up front how much you owe Stetson.

2. Charges, Credits and Anticipated Credits

Charges, Credits and Anticipated Credits section of the sample bill

Charges: The charges section contains your semester tuition, housing, meal plan, student life fee and other miscellaneous charges including the orientation fee, course fees, parking passes and fines.

Credits and anticipated credits:  The credits/anticipated credits section contains all your payments, deposits, loans, scholarships and grants that are applied to the charges to reduce your balance due. You must have all financial aid documents complete in order to receive the full amount. Check your One Stop Checklist on MyStetson to see if you are missing requirements.

3. Billing Summary

Billing Summary section of the sample bill

Total Current Term Charges: The total current term charges are the total semester charges from the Charges section above.

Total Current Term Credits: The total current term credits are the total semester credits from the Credits section above.

Previous/Other Term Balance: The previous/other term balance is the amount carried over from a prior term. It can either be an amount due or a credit balance.

Amount Due: The amount due is the amount that must be paid in full by the due date.

Future Balance: The future balance is the total amount of charges and credits that will be due and/or available in the future. The remaining amount of a monthly payment plan due in the months to come commonly appears here.

4. Making Your Payment and Due Date

Payment and due date section of the bill

Making Your Payment: Please cut along the line on the bill above and return the portion below it with your payment.

Due Date: The due date is when payment must be received by close of business. If the bill is not paid by this date, it may result in late fees and restrictions on services such as registration and transcripts.

Payments must be made by the due date listed on the bill to avoid additional fees.

Refunds: If your payment and financial aid exceed the amount listed for Total Current Term Charges after all credits have been applied, you will be issued a refund. Your refund is available by setting up direct deposit or paper check. Funds are disbursed by the Financial Aid department after the start of the term, usually at the end of the registration period. Refunds generated by financial aid are not available until after enrollment has been confirmed. Refund checks are processed no later than 14 days from the date financial aid is posted to the student's account (pending missing requirements).

For questions, please contact the appropriate office:

Visit the Stetson One Stop website to pay online.