SURE Grant Recipients 2016

Jozefina Logu

"All About Pleasure": Potential User Responses to Female Condom Video

A sample of 570 participants recruited online completed evaluated a female condom promotional video and two different female condom packages.

Cameron Black

The Ultimate Assist: Expansion, Salary Growth, and "Cultural" Changes Within the National Basketball Association from 1970-2000.

I assert that cultural and economic evolution of the National Basketball Association can be analyzed through application of symbolic capital.

Gisela Alvarez

Market is Always Right: Jeff Koons' Made in Heaven (1989-91)

In my research project, I will analyze Jeff Koons' Made in Heaven series. Jeff Koons is a renown contemporary artist who presented a very controversial body of work Made in Heaven (1989-91).

Jackie Pollack

Spatial Patterns and Neighborhood Characteristics of Suicide Clusters in Florida

The purpose of this ecological study is to detect high and low risk clusters of suicide deaths in Florida and determine which neighborhood characteristics distinguish clusters from non-clusters.

Matthew Vanaman

Are you enlightened? Exploring the relationship between the enlightenment effect and the fundamental attrbution error in evaluations of the homeless.

Research has demonstrated that people may exhibit bias against the homeless in the form of the fundamental attribution error (FAE), which is an error in thinking whereby observed behavior in others is unduly attributed to one's disposition (personality) without considering environment influences.

Kathryn Nathenson

The Tuolumne: The Journey of a River and the Story of its Water

We use water in so many different ways and an abundance or a decline in water supply causes massive repercussions on our livelihoods.