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Other academic forms and resources are available from the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Campus Life and Student Success.

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Mentored Meals Initiative

With encouragement and lead gifts from members of the College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board, the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences established a restricted fund in 2009 to support a new initiative focused on encouraging students and faculty gatherings for informal meals and conversations. This kind of personal connection between faculty and students is at the core of the College's distinctive mission of developing scholarly skills as well as informed values.

Either students or faculty may request support. There must be a faculty member present and at least four students currently enrolled in a class with that faculty member. The intent is to support informal dinners or lunches at faculty homes, student residences, campus facilities or at reasonably priced restaurants. A maximum of $8 per guest, or $150 for an event for a whole class, will be observed. Receipts must be turned in with a guest list for reimbursement, and the student or faculty host must provide a brief written report on the meal and the conversation.

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