About the College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest and most diverse of Stetson University's colleges and schools; it includes the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, education and the arts. The greatest strength of the College of Arts and Sciences is its faculty-- true teacher-scholars who engage students as they pursue a liberal education that opens the world and challenges them to make a difference in it.

Academic programs in the College of Arts and Sciences are rigorous, challenging students to reach their full intellectual potential. From biochemistry to digital arts to Russian studies, our programs develop students' critical thinking skills, problem-solving, oral and written communication, collaboration, and cultural competency. Every major requires a senior research project, allowing students the opportunity to design and carry out independent research under faculty mentorship

Education in the College of Arts and Sciences is grounded in relationships. With a student-faculty ratio of 12-to-1, we offer small classes and many opportunities for students to work closely with faculty members. Our faculty members have a strong commitment to teaching and over time build a strong and lasting connection with students. They advise, lead field trips and study abroad programs, supervise student research, and share their own research with students. The relationships built at Stetson University often continue far beyond the four years students spend on campus.

Our academic programs are shaped by the values of social justice and civic responsibility. All of our courses and programs of study promote engaged learning, whereby students create connections between the classroom or lab and the local, regional and global community. The academic programs of the College of Arts and Sciences prepare students to live significant lives, to interact with and positively affect the world around them.

We invite you to explore our programs and to visit our campus. Sit in on some classes, chat with students and faculty, sample the academic feast offered by the College of Arts and Sciences! For more information about applying for admission and our generous financial support, contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. We look forward to meeting you in DeLand and to welcoming you to the Stetson community.

David Hill, PhD 
Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences