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Class Registration

Registration Steps

Academic Advising

  • October 13 to October 17 - Upperclass students (27+ credit hours)
  • October 27 - October 30 - First-year students (0-26 credit hours)

Make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor prior to your advising week. Discuss your progress and choose your classes for the upcoming semester. You can view the schedule of courses for the spring term through the Class Schedule Search on My

Automatic Waitlist

Read about automatic waitlist.

Registration Tips and Hints


  • October 20 to October 24 - Upperclass students  (IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Registration for upperclass students will close Friday, October 24, at 11:59 p.m. and will reopen on Tuesday, Nov. 4, at 8:00 a.m.)

  • October 31 - First-year students

See the table below to determine your registration days and times. Please Note: Currently enrolled credit hours are not included in determining credit hours for registration. Check your earned hours on your degree audit at My Stetson.


Registration Schedule

Earned Credits Days Times
115 and above Mon., Oct. 20 8 a.m.
103-114 Mon., Oct. 20 10 a.m.
97-102 Mon., Oct. 20 Noon
90-96 Mon., Oct. 20 2 p.m.
76-89 Tues., Oct. 21 8 a.m.
67-75 Tues., Oct. 21 10 a.m.
64-66 Tues., Oct. 21 Noon
60-63 Tues., Oct. 21 2 p.m.
51-59 Wed., Oct. 22 8 a.m.
43-50 Wed., Oct. 22 10 a.m.
37-42 Wed., Oct. 22 Noon
33-36 Wed., Oct. 22 2 p.m.
32 Thurs., Oct. 23 8 a.m.
29-31 Thurs., Oct. 23 10 a.m.
27-28.66 Thurs., Oct. 23 Noon
17-26 Fri., Oct. 31 8 a.m.
9-16 Fri., Oct. 31 9 a.m.
6-8 Fri., Oct. 31 10 a.m.
1-5 Fri., Oct. 31

11 a.m.

0 Fri., Oct. 31


Note: All undergraduate students must register for spring term by the end of classes on Friday, December 5. A late fee will be assessed in the amount of $100.00 to students who register for the first time after that date. Registration will remain open until midnight on that date.

Important Locations

Academic Advising

Location: Flagler Hall room 102

Phone: 386-822-7315


Location: Stetson One Stop, Griffith Hall

Phone: 386-822-7050

Financial Aid

Location: Stetson One Stop, Griffith Hall

Phone: 386-822-7120


Location: Stetson One Stop, Griffith Hall

Phone: 386-822-7140, 386-822-7142, 386-822-7143, 386-738-6682 or 386-822-7150

Important Notes

  • The Registration PIN is valid for one term only. You must meet with your academic advisor to receive this number.
  • Neither the Office of the Registrar nor the Academic Advising Center will provide a registration PIN to you. If you forget or misplace your registration PIN, please see your advisor or the department chair of your major.
  • Open registration will begin on Tuesday, Nov. 4, at 8 a.m. for all new and returning students who have not registered and will open back up for all currently enrolled students to make changes.
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