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Administrative Staff

Vacant, Director of Community Standards

The Director directly oversees the Office of Community Standards where they work with hearing officers and students in upholding the campus Code of Conduct through educationally based interactions. 

Lisandra Jimenez, Graduate Intern

The graduate intern handles case processing and management through our online system, schedules hearings, and handles all background paperwork and office management. Lisandra received her Bachelor of Arts in English and Spanish from Florida Atlantic University and is currently pursuing her Master of Arts degree in Higher Education at the University of Central Florida.

Conduct Officers

  • Colleen Price, Director of Wellness and Recreation
  • Larry Correll-Hughes, Executive Director, Department of Housing and Residence Life
  • Jessica Curry, Assistant Director of Residential Education & Community Programs, Department of Housing and Residence Life
  • Barbara Hawkins, Residence Life Coordinator, Department of Housing and Residence Life*
  • Jud Sammons, Reasidence Life Coordinator, Department of Housing and Residence Life
  • Juan Escobar, Reasidence Life Coordinator, Department of Housing and Residence Life
  • Matthew Kurz, Director, Office Student Development and Campus Vibrancy
  • Ryan Manning, Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Involvement*
  • Kat Thomas, Assistant Director for Student Governance and Organizations
  • Lynn Schoenberg, Dean of Students

* - Advisors to the Student Conduct Board


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