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Office of Community Standards

In any society, large or small, where people live in a community, there must be certain rules established to aide the safety, rights and freedom of all concerned. This is also true of Stetson University, a community that acknowledges the existence of both rights and responsibilities and is dedicated to personal and academic excellence. Community members are individually and collectively responsible for their behaviors.

University student conduct proceedings are administered by the Associate Director of the Office of Community Standards. Any student, professional staff or faculty member may submit information and reports against any student believed to be in violation of any University policy. Please submit these reports to

Mission Statement

We aim to foster student growth and development through providing students university expectations, helping them be reflective of individual and community accountability in their actions, and provide consequences grounded in education.

EthicsPoint Secure Reporting provides a simple, anonymous way to confidentially report activities that may involve improper conduct, complaints around fraudulent activities, improper financial or human resource issues, working conditions, etc. This is not the primary reporting mechanism to report Student Code of Community Standards policy violations; please do that at

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