Staff Advisory Council

Stetson administrators created the Staff Advisory Council in May 2017, in response to the 2016 Rankin and Associates Campus Climate Survey. This survey showed that the Stetson staff viewed the University as a good place to work, however, the staff also noted some areas for possible improvement.  The staff said they would like clearer procedures for career advancement. They raised concerns about their compensation. They sometimes felt treated like "second-class citizens," and they would like a greater voice in University decisions.

The 2020 Campus Climate Survey provided many of the same insights into the staff experience as the 2016 Rankin and Associates Campus Climate Survey and reflects the overall concerns we have received from staff constituents over the past few years. The DeLand Staff Advisory Council provided feedback and recommendations to the University President and Vice Presidents for consideration in response to the 2020 Campus Climate Survey.

The Staff Advisory Council works on behalf of the full-time and part-time staff members at the DeLand campus to address the above issues and to voice the thoughts and recommendations for change with senior administrators. Already, the Council has been meeting to set priorities and that's where we need your help. We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions. By gathering input from a wide cross-section of the DeLand staff – hourly workers, exempt workers, new employees and longtime employees, for example, the Staff Advisory Council will carry greater weight in advocating for change with senior administrators.

Since our creation in 2017, the Staff Advisory Council has been instrumental in the following improvements in the staff experience:

  1. Creation and implementation of the University's Compassionate Transfer of Leave Policy;
  2. Inclusive seating arrangements at University events;
  3. Renaming the CUB’s Faculty Lounge to the Faculty/Staff Lounge;
  4. Addition of new staff member images in the Faculty & Staff welcome brochure;
  5. Creation of the "Inside the Hat" training and development series. The recording of the first event in the series, "LinkedIn: Its not Just for Job Seekers Anymore" is available for viewing
  6. Completion of a systems and process improvement survey to increase the efficiency of campus procedures. A summary of the survey results and recommendations is available; and 
  7. Improving the on-call compensation structure for the facilities management staff. 

If you would like to participate on the SAC and make a greater impact on your workplace, please tell us! For the 2021-2022 academic year, we are actively recruiting members from all divisions of the University. 

Please contact any of the members of the Staff Advisory Council with your thoughts and suggestions, email your suggestions to [email protected], or use our Suggestion Form. All submissions received through the online form will remain anonymous unless you choose to include your contact information. The Staff Advisory Council members are:

  • Paula Hogenmiller, Assistant Director of Arts & Sciences Graduate Programs, [email protected], Ext. 27075
  • Beth Eaton, Administrative Assistant, Public Safety, [email protected], Ext. 27310
  • Alexis Glenn, Admissions Recruiter, Admissions, [email protected], Ext. 27075
  • Sara Scarpelli, School of Music Community Outreach Director, [email protected], Ext. 28962
  • Cory Lancaster, Director of Internal Communications, University Marketing, [email protected], Ext. 27215
  • Tamara Dolan, Asst. Director of Donor Relations, [email protected], Ext. 27461
  • Shellie Robinson, Assistant Softball Coach, Athletics, [email protected], Ext. 27337
  • Morris Sullivan, University Chaplain, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, [email protected], Ext. 27403
  • Javier Castaneda, Floor Technician/Custodian, Facilities, [email protected]
  • Lori Kasbeer, Project Manager, Marketing, [email protected], Ext. 27258
  • Tera Edwards, Purchasing Coordinator, Purchasing, [email protected] 
  • Drew Macan, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, [email protected], Ext. 27472, Ex-Officio

DeLand SAC Byalws - Updated 11/17/2020