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Senior Honors and Awards

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Congratulations to all of our Outstanding 2024 Seniors!

Outstanding Seniors

Faith Hannah profile picture

Faith Hannah Lea (Molecular and Cellular Bio)

Molecular and Cellular Biology major and a Chemistry minor

  • Completed a research project called “Is Babesia Microti prevalent in Illinois rodent populations?”
  • Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society, Alpha Alpha Alpha Honors Society, Stetson Club Aikido, and Young Americans for Freedom
  • Faith Hannah is still deciding on post-graduation plans, but currently considering either a PhD in Pathobiology or a PhD in Molecular Biology and Astrobiology.

Coral Kehm profile picture

Coral Kehm (Animal Sciences)

Completed a research project called “Infection of curly-tailed lizards (Leiocephalus Carinatus) with the pentastome parasite, Raillietiella orientalis”. • Stetson University Honors Program, Stetson University Pre-Veterinary Club (President) • Coral will be attending the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, as a member of the Class of 2028. Coral Kehm has been focused on veterinary medicine since a young age. She loves all animals but especially loves rabbits. While in high school she started a program designed to rescue and rehabilitate domestic rabbits (https://adoptabun.org/) which she still runs. At Stetson she designed her own major around the requirements for vet schools, revitalized our pre-vet student group and worked as a veterinary assistant. Coral will attend UF school of Veterinary Medicine next fall.

Christian Berberich profile picture

Christian Berberich   (Molecular and Cellular Bio and Biochemistry)

Molecular and Cellular Biology and Biochemistry double major

  • FOCUS Assistant Coordinator, SPI for Chemistry, Member of Tri-Beta
  • Completed a research project called “Evaluating rodent species as potential reservoirs of Ehrlichia Canis and Ehrlichia Ewingii in a Midwestern prairie ecosystem”
  • Christian will be attending dental school at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.

Jack Gazil profile picture

Jack Gazil (Molecular and Cellular Bio)

Molecular and Cellular Biology major •Completed a research project called “Testing the diagnostic effectiveness of three fecal flotation methods for the invasive pentastome, Raillietiella orientalis”. •Jack plans to work doing research and apply to graduate schools. •Biostats tutor, Genetics TA •Has been working as a pharmacy tech at CVS •Has also worked as a lab paraprofessional at Seminole State Jack Gazil transferred from Seminole State College and has excelled in his classes and research at Stetson. He has a sharp sense of humor and an incredible memory. He particularly enjoyed his Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and Organic Chemistry classes. He plans to work in a lab immediately after graduating and then apply to graduate programs in medical chemistry. Jack has investigated novel diagnostic methods for an invasive parasite that infects many Florida snakes (he is shown with a banded water snake—one of his study specimens).

Ivy Lane profile picture

Ivy Lane (Molecular and Cellular Bio)

Molecular and Cellular Biology major (Dec. 2023 graduate)

  • Completed a research project called “Mutational Analysis of Fus1 Internal Domain in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae”
  • Worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at AdventHealth Translational Research Institute
  • Co-author on a publication in the Journal of Immunology titled “Baby’s first macrophage: temporal regulation of Hofbauer cell phenotype Influences ligand-mediated innate immune responses across gestation”.

Ivy joined Stetson as a transfer student from Valencia College and we are extremely lucky that she did. She excelled in all her courses for her Molecular & Cellular Biology major, showing maturity and responsibility in the classroom. She completed her senior research in Jean Smith’s laboratory, analyzing the function of a protein involved in cell-cell fusion in yeast. Ivy’s previous time working in a research setting helped her quickly master the technical skills required, and she identified novel loss of function mutations in a known regulator of the process. Ivy is currently working while she applies to medical schools.

Emily Thompson profile picture

Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson came to Stetson with a mature work ethic. She transferred to Stetson from the University of Texas at Arlington, so we only got to have her for two years. However, in that time, her work was excellent, and her grades were nearly perfect. Her work as an EMT throughout her time at Stetson provided her with a perspective on what really matters in life. The research that she did in Biology, on the dominance of exotic species in the fish community of Volusia Blue Spring, reflects that perspective as new species are restructuring ecosystems throughout Florida. She worked on a team in the field, but independently on data analysis, often watching fish videos at 3 am at the hospital nurse’s station. She plans to continue this important work after graduation and then to apply to nursing school to continue caring for others.

Outstanding Seniors

Nicolas Mejia profile picture

Nicolas Mejia (Biochemistry)

Nicolas is a biochemistry major who excelled in all of his studies. His presence in the department over the past four years set a good example for his fellow students. During his tenure, Nicolas worked diligently on his coursework, engaged in community outreach, and maintained a strong GPA. His senior research project titled, "Brewer's Spent Grain as a Value-Added Product for Plant Growth", focused on sustainable practices for food production. Upon completing the fall semester, Nicolas accepted a position with Bimbo Bakeries USA, part of the multinational Grupo Bimbo baking industry company in Greenwich CT, as a research and development technologist. He is also excited to have the opportunity to work on sustainability projects to manage food and scrap dough waste, an opportunity he attributes to his senior research experience.

Goldie Robinson profile picture

Goldie Robinson

Goldie is a strong chemistry major who excelled in all of the core chemistry courses and has shown a unique ability to connect fundamental concepts throughout the curriculum. Her steady demeanor and calming presence in the department over the past four years have set a good example for her peers. In her undergraduate chemistry labs, she was successfully able to troubleshoot experiments, perform computational calculations, carry out chemical reactions, collect data on multiple instruments, and analyze quantitative data. Her diverse lab skills demonstrated her ability to think critically and apply concepts from class. Impressively, she also found time to serve as a student peer instructor (SPI) in our department and performed early undergraduate research with Dr. Dye in Health Sciences. Her academic experiences inside and outside the classroom set her up for success during her senior research projects. Her initial project, “Measuring Long Distances in Paramagnetic Proteins using NMR” was disrupted due to the abrupt loss of a floor centrifuge, which required her to pivot successfully to an alternative project, “Using 31P NMR to Study the First Step of Glycolysis”. Goldie has a strong future ahead of her as she prepares for graduation. After graduation, she plans to pursue her passion as she begins vet school. She will make an impact as a future veterinarian due to her natural ability, meticulous approach, patience, and consistency that she displayed as a chemistry major.


Outstanding Senior

Isabella Fernandez profile picture

Isabella Fernandez

Isabella Fernandez accepted a full-time role as a Human Resources Specialist with the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) in Daytona Beach, FL; The Communication and Media Studies faculty recognize Isabella, who is also pursuing minors in Marketing and Human Resource Management, as our top senior for her academic accomplishments. Isabella consistently demonstrates an inspirational work ethic, strong writing, and imagination as she strives for the highest standards in her learning. Her commitment to teamwork as a member of Stetson’s Women’s Lacrosse team has also been reflected in the classroom, where she is usually a bridging figure who has proven to be particularly skilled in collaborative projects. Furthermore, Isabella practices a form of leadership that raises the standards of everyone involved. Her senior project focuses on narratives in the discourse of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, particularly exploring the power of storytelling within them. By studying Adichie's speech, the project adds to our understanding of how storytelling can be a powerful tool of empowerment and advocacy within feminist movements. We look forward to Isabella’s successes after graduation and as she starts her professional career as a Human Resources Specialist with the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) in Daytona Beach, FL.

Jaylen Walton profile picture

Jaylen Walton

Phi Beta Kappa, Lambda Pi Eta, Sigma Tau Delta, Stetson Business Ethics Case Competition Team

Plans to take a study abroad trip to Austria this summer and attend law school in the Fall of 2026

The Communication and Media Studies faculty recognizes Jaylen, also a member of Phi Beta Kappa and two minors, one in Marketing and one in Business Law. This course of study aligns with the way that Jaylen is always thinking across traditional boundaries in the classroom and questioning disciplinary assumptions. Since coming to Stetson, Jaylen has shown her skills in analyzing complex academic materials and presenting her discoveries to others promoting understanding and engagement. She is also always seeking opportunities to apply her learning whether that is as a member of the Stetson Business Ethics Case Competition Team or as an engaged student in her courses. Her senior research is a study of meta literacy skills people employ to evaluate information. Specifically, Jaylen is using qualitative methodology to understand factors that affect these skills and how we may use these discoveries to promote meta literacy within the wider population. We are looking forward to Jaylen’s future accomplishments and her plans to take a study abroad trip to Austria this summer and attend law school in the Fall of 2026

Mallory Holland profile picture

Mallory Holland

  • Lambda Pi Eta, Theta Alpha Kappa, Stetson Bonner Program and an Interfaith Value Fellow for the Office of Religion and Spiritual Life
  • Accepted position of AmeriCorps VISTA fellow in Deland Florida for the Stetson CCE Department

The Communication and Media Studies faculty recognize Mallory, also a major in Religious Studies, as a dedicated student who works diligently to maintain the high standard she sets for herself. In her time at Stetson Mallory successfully managed her two majors, while working as a Bonner student and Interfaith Values Fellow for the Office of Religion and Spiritual Life as well as competing for Stetson’s Women’s Rowing team. She has done all this while also always finding joy in learning and exploring creative ways to connect her research to her own curiosity and interests. Her academic success has earned her membership in two honor societies: Lambda Pi Eta in Communication and Theta Alpha Kappa in Religious Studies. In her courses, Mallory consistently demonstrates an uncommon commitment to asking challenging questions, solving problems throughout the research process, and communicating her discoveries to others with enthusiasm and clarity. Her senior research, which focuses on the potential for interfaith dialogue on social media, perfectly exemplifies her academic skills and ability to highlight interesting intersections between her two majors. Specifically, her rhetorical criticism of the videos on TikTok created by Miriam Ezagui shows how authenticity, vulnerability, and representation of religious identity as part of human experience, can be used to invite civil discourse, mutual understanding, and dialogue. We are looking forward to Mallory’s future work with Stetson as the AmeriCorps VISTA Fellow with the Center for Community Engagement.

Rosemary McHugh profile picture

Rosemary McHugh

Lambda Pi Eta Member member, YoungLife Leader (Christian youth leader), Baptist Christian Fellowship(BCF) member

Accepted full-time position as the Human Capital Recruiter 1 for Frontline Insurance Corporate Headquarters in Lake Mary, FL, The Communication and Media Studies faculty recognize Rosemary, who is also pursuing minors in Education and Human Resource Management, as a thoughtful critical thinker and a student who is always going above and beyond, pushing the boundaries of her own learning, and contributing to our department. Her high academic achievements earned her membership in Lambda Pi Eta, the national communication studies honor society. Rosemary has been approaching her coursework with a creative perspective, demonstrating an innovative approach to problem-solving and project execution. Her active involvement in class discussions and extracurricular activities highlights her exceptional engagement and commitment to academic excellence. Specifically, Rosemary’s knack for asking incisive questions during class discussions helps the whole class navigate difficult material. Rosemary is completing a senior project about the sense-making practices recruiters engage in to navigate alignments and misalignments between their individual identity and organizational responsibilities. Her analysis sheds light on under-researched emotional labor in the recruitment industry and how recruiters manage the burden of this labor by constantly shifting between multiple communication roles. Rosemary has recently submitted this research to the National Communication Association Convention, the top conference in our discipline. We look forward to her future successes in academia and in her role as the Human Capital Recruiter 1 for Frontline Insurance Corporate Headquarters in Lake Mary, Florida, which she will start after graduation

Outstanding Seniors

Andria Lenihan profile picture

Andria Lenihan (Digital Arts)

Lenihan is a digital artist specializing in 2D and 3D conceptual character art, storytelling, and idea-making. Born in 2002, she began her artistic journey by making comics and writing short books as a child and adolescent, creating unique characters and their rich environments. Through both 2D and 3D artistic spaces, she hopes to bring the fantastical world of her imagination to life through the worlds she creates.

Delicia Bent profile picture

Delicia Bent (Theatre Arts)

Bent is a Theatre Arts major at Stetson who has participated in over a dozen productions since her first year here. Primarily an actor, her achievements also include directing, playwriting, publicity, and innumerable backstage positions. Her activities are not confined to Stetson; she earned particular acclaim for her historic reenactment of noted African American educator and civil rights activist Edith I. Starke for the West Volusia County Historical Society in 2022. She earned the Marjorie Forster Gilbert Award for Outstanding Performer in 2023.

Jodi Ann Taylor profile picture

Jodi Ann Taylor (Digital Arts)

Digital Arts major; Music and Entrepreneurship minors - Lavalle Scholarship, Dean's list, Lavalle funding, Faculty Choice Award, 31st Annual Student Juried Art Exhibition, Doyle Elam Carlton’s Distinguished Service Leadership Award Nominee, Student Choice Award, 33rd Annual Student Art Exhibition, Ann West Hall Award, 34th Annual Student Art Exhibition - Post-graduation plans: initially, Working as Associate Curator of Education at the Museum of Art - DeLand, potentially starting grad school MMT- Masters of Music Therapy at one of the schools I’ve been accepted in (FSU, Colorado State, Temple University, Duquesne Univeristy) or deferring my start for a year; then pursuing a career path as an Entrepreneur, Musician/Performer, Audio Technician, Museum Employee, Business Owner, Non-Profit Director (music & art therapy & classes for children) - Jodi-Ann Taylor, a Florida native of Jamaican-American heritage, is a senior Digital Arts Major and Music/Entrepreneurship Double-Minor at Stetson University. As a versatile multimedia artist, her creative pursuits include music/audio production, sound design, music performance, painting, writing, and photography. Exploring themes of faith, culture, identity, nature, and real-life experiences, Jodi-Ann has garnered recognition for her exhibited artworks at the Hand Art Center (2020-2023). Notably, she received the Ann West Hall Award, Student Choice Award,
and Faculty Choice Award. In 2022, she presented her solo exhibition, Imago Dei, at the Eatonville Library. In addition, her musical endeavors have also earned her accolades, including the American Negro Spirituals Category 2nd Place Winner at the SERNATS Vocal Competition in March 2023.

Kay Mauser profile picture

Kay Mauser (Studio Art)

Kay Mauser has consistently excelled in his Studio Art coursework, demonstrating a commitment to his craft, a clear-eyed voice for justice, and an unwavering love for making. K’s Senior Project, Self Obsessions takes risks, speaking to K’s experience as a trans man in the state of Florida. It is venerable, bold, and impactful. In his artist statement, K writes: “To be transgender in America is not just an identity, but is taken as a political statement—it shouldn't be this way. At heart, my work is a self-portrait and reflects my experiences going through puberty in my twenties, having my rights stripped away, learning to love myself as I am, and finding a community that loves me.”

Watching K develop as a person and artist into his true, authentic self has been a joy for all the faculty in the Studio Art and Art History program. K has been a steadfast presence in the senior studio this year, one who both sets (and meets!) impressively high standards for himself and who encourages and advises fellow classmates. K is an artist of high merit, and we look forward to seeing how his work continues to change our world for the better.

Morgan Hibel profile picture

Morgan Hibel (Digital Arts)

Morgan Hibel is a traditional and digital artist from Central Florida. Her primary focus is photography and graphic design, in addition to video and 3D modeling. With the collaboration of both traditional and digital mediums, her art focuses on gender socialization and the feminine experience– when asked about her relationship with these two themes, she said: “It’s complicated.” Her work was featured three times in the 2022 edition of Stetson’s literary and arts journal Touchstone.

Outstanding Senior

Anna Brethauer profile picture

Anna Brethauer (Environmental Studies)

  • Omicron Delta Kappa
  • Law School

Anna Brethauer graduated in December 2023 with a major in Environmental Studies and minors in Philosophy and Political Science. Throughout her Junior and Senior years, she examined the environmental and social impacts of food waste and insecurity on campus under the guidance of Dr. Sarah Cramer. Her research identified areas of strength and weakness for Stetson Dining Services in regards to food waste and provided suggestions for the future. Anna played on the Stetson women’s soccer team for all four years, was captain for two years, and organized all community service events for the team. She is heading to law school in the Fall at either The Ohio State University or Georgetown. She is so grateful to Stetson for an amazing undergraduate experience and will forever bleed green! Go Hats!

Ryan Mason profile picture

Ryan Mason

Ryan graduated from Bel Air High School. His involvement on campus includes membership in Phi Alpha Theta, Omicron Delta Epsilon, and Phi Beta Kappa honor societies. Post graduation, Ryan intends to work on getting work published and will eventually pursue a Master's of Applied Economics.

Outstanding Seniors receiving awards

Outstanding Seniors

Emily Akers profile picture

Emily Akers

Throughout her time at Stetson, Emily was known for her kind and hard-working personality. She completed her senior internship at Citrus Grove Elementary, where she demonstrated her passion for teaching and love for her students. Emily is an active member of Kappa Delta Pi, an Education Honor Society where she is expanding and deepening her knowledge of education for her future students. After graduation, Emily plans to remain in Volusia County to teach in the schools that she grew up in.

Haylee McCullough profile picture

Haylee McCullough

Throughout her time at Stetson University, Haylee was known for her compassionate heart and preserving personality. She completed her senior internship in Kindergarten at Citrus Grove Elementary, where she displayed her passion for education and love for her students. She is an active member of Kappa Delta Pi, the Education Honor Society, and the Honors Program here at Stetson. After graduation, Haylee plans to remain in Volusia County and teach.

Juliana O'Hara

Juliana O’Hara

Juliana is an exemplary student-athlete. She was able to balance the high demands of teaching and still excel at Lacross. “She a natural”, were comments from her field supervisor. She is quiet by nature but a force in front of a class of students.

Outstanding Seniors

Abria Doe profile picture

Abria Doe

This summer Abria will be in New Jersey as a 2024 National Summer Intern with the Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation. Abria will be applying for graduate programs for Organizational and Non-Profit Leadership for Spring and Fall semesters of 2025.

Destiny Jeffcoat profile picture

Destiny Jeffcoat

Clubs and Awards: Member of and Treasurer for the Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society
Dean’s List Recipient 2021, 2022, 2023
Post-Graduation Plans: After graduation, I will begin my graduate program at North Carolina State University in the fall. There, I will attain a master's degree in English and participate in a Teaching Assistantship, which includes full tuition coverage, health insurance, and a living stipend. Following my two-year M.A. program, I hope to continue my higher education at the doctorate level and aspire to one day teach as an English professor.

Hosanna Folmsbee profile picture

Hosanna Folmsbee

After graduation, Hosanna will begin her graduate program at North Carolina State University in the fall. There, Hosanna will attain a master's degree in English and participate in a Teaching Assistantship, which includes full tuition coverage, health insurance, and a living stipend. Following my two-year M.A. program, Hosanna hopes to continue higher education at the doctorate level and aspires to one day teach as an English professor.

Lillinoe Sheridan profile picture

Lillinoe Sheridan

Organizations and Involvement:

  • Dean’s List
  • Lettie P. Whitehead Scholar
  • Ethel Durden Ernestine and D. Kilgore Scholar
  • Omicron Delta Kappa Member
  • The Reporter Staff Writer
  • Young Life President and Financial Advisor 2022-2023
  • Young Life Member

Post-Graduation: Actively applying to jobs in a career field of technical writing and editing in both government sector and private sector companies in Central Florida. Not planning on attending graduate school currently, however that is always an option down the line.
Biographical Sketch: Lilinoe Sheridan is born and raised Cocoa, Florida and loves living in sunny Florida. In her spare time, she loves reading cheesy romance books, watching The Sopranos, hanging out with friends in downtown, going to the movies with her boyfriend, and attending Stetson University campus events with peers.

Outstanding Seniors

Natalie Brooks profile picture

Natalie Brooks (Environmental Studies)

Internship with the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Inc.
Natalie Brooks, an Environmental Studies major and Sustainable Food Systems minor, is originally from Gainesville, Florida but has quite enjoyed her time in DeLand and Volusia County while at Stetson. Since her freshman year, she has worked as a Gallery Assistant at the Hand Art Center. During her senior year, she became a Resident Assistant and completed an internship with SNAP Volusia helping provide access to fresh, local foods at the Artisan Alley Farmers Market. Natalie also focused on global citizenship by studying abroad in Venice and Japan. She is the current president of the Stetson Environmental Club and also enjoys playing Club Volleyball. After graduation, she plans to do an internship at National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Inc., a not-for-profit company that helps paper product companies reach their sustainability and environmental goals.

Veronica Pinero Villalobos profile picture

Veronica Pinero Villalobos (Environmental Studies)
Veronica Piñero Villalobos is an Environmental Studies major and Sustainable Food System minor. She has contributed to the Stetson community through her work with The Institute of Water and Environmental Resilience as a research assistant, a TA for environmental science and Sustainable Food Systems classes, and with SNAP Volusia as a volunteer and former intern. She has been on the Dean’s list every semester, showing her dedication to academics. After graduation, she will follow her passion for the environment, health, and food systems to pursue a Masters of Public Health.

Outstanding Seniors receiving awards

Outstanding Seniors

Alexa LoBasso profile picture

Alexa LoBasso

Alexa is a remarkable student whose academic excellence and athletic prowess have distinguished her during her time at Stetson University. Graduating with a Bachelor of Sciences in Health Sciences, Alexa not only excelled in her studies but also displayed her leadership skills as a valued member of the women’s soccer team. During her senior year, she led the team in conference goals, demonstrating her dedication and talent on the field. Alexa completed her senior research project using CRISPR/Cas9 technology, doing a knockout of the FOXO1 gene to better understand its function in cardiac development. highlighting her commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and innovation. Alexa currently works as a Patient Care Technician at Halifax Health in preparation for her next journey to medical school to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Beyond her academic and professional endeavors, Alexa has made significant contributions to the Deland community by coaching local youth players. Her dedication to mentoring and supporting others reflects her compassionate and caring nature.

Elodie Foster profile picture

Elodie Foster*

Elodie is an outstanding student, excelling both academically and as a division 1 athlete. She double majored in Health Sciences and Psychology and has demonstrated outstanding commitment and achievement throughout her undergraduate journey at Stetson University. As co-captain of the Women’s tennis team, Elodie's team secured the 2022 ASUN conference championship. Her exceptional performance on the court was matched by her academic prowess, evident in her membership in the Psi Chi honor society in psychology.

Currently, Elodie is working as a research coordinator on multiple research projects at Indiana University School of Medicine. At Stetson University, she has been involved in the Brain Fitness Academy as an intern and research coordinator. Elodie was also a research assistant in Dr. Garcia's Clinical Neuropsychology Lab and Dr. Eskenazi's Reading, Eye-tracking, and Individual Differences Lab, contributing to various projects and publications. Elodie plans to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology, with aspirations to apply to Clinical Psychology PhD programs after gaining valuable experience in the field. Her dedication, intelligence, and compassionate nature position her as a future leader in the science of brain health.

Erin Newman profile picture

Erin Newman

Erin is an exceptional student, graduating with a major in Health Sciences and a minor in Psychology, while also actively engaging in numerous academic and leadership activities. As a distinguished member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, and Delta Delta Delta, Erin has exemplified a commitment to excellence and service throughout her collegiate journey.

Post-graduation, Erin plans to embark on a gap year, during which she will immerse herself in full-time work while preparing her applications for medical school. Her dedication to pursuing a career in medicine is underscored by her outstanding academic performance, where she seamlessly integrated research, leadership, and practical experience. For her senior research project, Erin studied cardiac Myocyte contractility, highlighting her skill in scientific inquiry and analysis. Beyond her academic achievements, Erin actively contributed to the academic community by serving as an SPI for anatomy and physiology, as well as assuming the role of president of Alpha Epsilon Delta. Additionally, her role as a chemistry lab assistant and hands-on experience as a hospital technician have further enriched her skill set and understanding of healthcare practices.

Evette Morgan profile picture

Evette Morgan

Evette is a remarkable student whose dedication to academic excellence and athletic achievement has set her apart during her time at Stetson University. Pursuing a major in Health Sciences with a minor in Education, Evette has demonstrated an exceptional ability to maintain outstanding academic performance while representing the university as a Division 1 softball player.

Throughout her undergraduate journey, Evette has earned a place on the Dean's list for academic performance every semester, a testament to her strong work ethic, discipline, and passion for learning. Her natural leadership qualities, combined with excellent organizational and communication skills, make her a star student and valued member of the Stetson community. For her senior research project, Evette explored the relationship between body composition, muscle insertion, flexibility, and vertical jump height among Division 1 athletes at Stetson University. This research underscores her commitment to understanding the intersection of health, fitness, and performance.

Evette plans to take a gap year before applying to occupational therapy programs. She credits the Health Sciences department for equipping her with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as a healthcare professional dedicated to serving others and improving their health and well-being.

Gealina Mercedes Chicon profile picture

Gealina Mercedes Chicon

Gealina is excelling as a student, majoring in Health Sciences with a minor in Africana Studies, and serving as the volunteering chair for Alpha Epsilon Delta. Her journey at Stetson University has been a testament to her resilience, determination, and passion for learning. Throughout her undergraduate years, Gealina tirelessly pursued her studies, working long nights and early mornings to excel in her coursework in order to make her family proud. She attributes her success not only to her own hard work but also her mother's unwavering support and sacrifices.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Gealina immersed herself in campus life, forging lifelong friendships and seizing every opportunity for personal and professional growth. Her senior research project, titled "The Effects of Creatine Supplementation on Subclinical Depression in College Students," exemplifies her dedication to addressing pertinent health issues during her studies. As she prepares to embark on a gap year to gain clinical experience and explore the world, Gealina looks forward to enrolling in further studies to become a Physician Assistant. Her commitment to serving others and improving community health will have a meaningful impact on her future career.

Jordyn Stanfill profile picture

Jordyn Stanfill

Jordyn embodies excellence both on and off the field, serving as the captain of the Division 1 softball team at Stetson University while pursuing a major in Health Sciences with a minor in Psychology. With a passion for healthcare and a commitment to service, Jordyn's journey extends beyond athletics and academics, encompassing meaningful experiences that shape her future as a medical professional.

Following graduation, Jordyn plans to work as a medical assistant for Florida Orthopedics, where she will gain valuable clinical experience during her gap year to strengthen her application for PA school. Her proactive approach to furthering her education and clinical skills reflects her dedication to pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant. In addition to her academic and professional pursuits, Jordyn is an active member of her church and community, finding fulfillment and joy in serving others. Her compassionate nature, coupled with her intelligence and caring communication skills, sets her apart as an individual who is destined to make a positive impact in healthcare.

Jordyn's commitment to helping others extends beyond borders, as evidenced by her global experiences shadowing physicians and physician assistants, including a transformative trip to Kenya. These experiences have deepened her passion for patient care and inspired her to not only treat patients but also to change lives through her work.

Leighbe Fleming profile picture

Leighbe Fleming

Leighbe's journey to becoming a cardiologist is a testament to her unwavering dedication, strong familial support, and exceptional academic achievement. Raised in Orlando with a lifelong ambition to pursue medicine, Leighbe plans to fulfill her dream by taking a gap year after her studies to prepare for medical school.

Throughout her academic journey, Leighbe has prioritized academic excellence, driven by the values instilled by her parents, who emphasized the importance of obtaining good grades. As the oldest of two younger siblings, Leighbe takes pride in being a role model for her family, sharing in their late-night study sessions and celebrating her academic milestones together.

Described by her professors as a steady, hard-working, intelligent, and reliable student, Leighbe has consistently excelled academically. The school's stellar reputation influenced her decision to study at Stetson, and she credits her university experience with facilitating her growth and development as both a scholar and an individual. As a proud member of the Stetson community, Leighbe expresses her happiness and gratitude for being a Hatter.

History Seniors posing for a picture together

Outstanding Seniors

Carlye Morgan Mahler profile picture

Carlye Morgan Mahler

A History and Communication & Media Studies double major, Carlye also has minors in American Studies and Gender Studies, is a member of the Stetson University Honors Program Class of 2024, and is pursuing the Honors Track in the History Major. She has won numerous awards, including the 2023 Gilbert L. Lycan History Award for Outstanding Junior (co-winner), the 2023 Dian Christensen Award in American Studies, a SURE Grant, a History Department Evans Johnson Research Grant, the 2023 Strengths Advocate of the Year award (Top Hatter Awards), an Internship Impact Fund award (2023), a Rinker Travel Scholarship (2022), a Rinker Global Scholarship (2021), the Ann Morris Creative Writing Contest (Short Essay) (2023), and the Volusia-Flagler Rainbow Alliance Scholarship. Her senior thesis, “Mrs. Crocker, Mrs. Consumer, and Mrs. Chef: Women’s Agency and Perceptions of Convenience Food 1950-1970,” centered around American women’s agency in relation to the increased social acceptance of convenience foods. This was a niche evolution of public opinion that mirrored the increased social power women gained from 1950-1970 and provided context for how that shift occurred. Furthermore, Carlye is the Managing Editor of The Reporter, the Stetson collegiate publication that is also Florida’s oldest collegiate publication.

Devin Hernandez profile picture

Devin Hernandez

A History major with minors in Anthropology and American Studies, Devin is a co-winner of the 2024 Gilbert L. Lycan History Award for Outstanding Senior and the 2024 Colonel John Taylor Rhett History Manuscript Award (best History senior thesis). He has also won the 2023 Doyle Elam Carlton Distinguished Service Leadership Award, a SURE Grant, a History Department Evans Johnson Research Grant, and the 2024 Douglas Astolfi Undergraduate Research Award from the Florida Conference of Historians. Devin’s senior thesis, “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: The History of Methadone in America, 1947 to 1974,” explored the historical origins, development, and trajectory of the synthetic opiate methadone in the medical treatment of heroin addiction. The project explored continuity and change in punitive and medical responses to the “heroin question” across what American drug historians refer to as “the classic age of narcotic control” from the twenties to the middle sixties to the “therapeutic golden age” of the early seventies. Devin’s thesis presented various forms of primary source material ranging from archival data culled from Penn State University and the National Archives, to Congressional documents obtained from the Federal Depository located under the DuPont Ball Library, and even oral histories conducted with Nixon Era policy makers. His inquiry into heroin addiction and methadone treatment in the twentieth century was defined by a goal to provide a historical understanding of different medical, social, and legal responses to opiate addiction that may inform new responses to the contemporary opioid epidemic.

Mary Cheryl Brandt profile picture

Mary Cheryl  Brandt

A History major, Mary is a co-winner of the 2024 Gilbert L. Lycan History Award for Outstanding Senior and the 2024 Colonel John Taylor Rhett History Manuscript Award (best History senior thesis). She also won the 2023 Gilbert L. Lycan History Award for Outstanding Junior (co-winner), a SURE Grant, a History Department Evans Johnson Research Grant, a Maris Prize (Showcase 2023), a Rinker Travel Scholarship (2023), and an Interfaith Values Fellowship (AY 2022-2023). Her senior thesis, “American Airpower: Historical Narratives, Museum Aircraft, and World War II in Asia,” was a substantial 82-page study that was a fascinating, groundbreaking, and sophisticated analysis of how and why certain historical narratives have been prioritized in U.S. museums with galleries dedicated to World War II-era American military aircraft. Mary’s thesis case studies were diverse, including the atomic bombings and strategic bombing against Japan, aircraft carrier warfare in the Pacific, and lesser-known narratives about the China-Burma-India theater and the American airlift over “the Hump” to keep China in the war. Described by one professor as “a brilliant research project that has been the most ambitious senior thesis I have ever seen at Stetson,” her thesis involved visiting and analyzing six museums at seven different locations throughout the U.S. Mary credits her achievements to professors and staff, particularly in the History Department, and to her tenure as President of the Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) at Stetson, during which she and her fellow officers connected students in fellowship and faith, and volunteered in the local community.

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Wyatt Sise

A History major, Wyatt also has minors in Latin American & Latino Studies, and Spanish. He is a J. Ollie Edmunds Distinguished Scholar, and is a member of the Stetson University Honors Program. Moreover, Wyatt has won the Top Orator award at the AMCA Moot Court National Championships, and the Outstanding Senator award at the 51st annual Stetson Model Senate. His senior thesis, “Ghosts of Guernica: The ‘Norm of Reciprocity’ and the Development of Luftwaffe ‘Terror Bombing,’ 1937-1942,” examined the legal justifications behind the development of “terror bombing” as a military practice during the late-Interbellum era and the early stage of World War Two. In this thesis, he argued that the practice developed due to the “norm of reciprocity” and the embrasure of “total war” between the U.K. and Nazi Germany in the period, 1937-1942.

Outstanding Senior

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Zaikeria Patha

Zaikeria is a graduate of Dr. Phillips High School. Her on-campus involvement includes being a WORLD Ambassador, Student Conduct Board Chair, sociology student worker, and she is also a member of the Sigma Iota Rho honor society. Post graduation, Zaikeria aims to find work as a research assistant, policy analyst or international affairs specialist.

Math and Computer Science Seniors posing for a picture with Dr Daniel Plante

Outstanding Seniors

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Georgia Goering (Mathematics)

Georgia will graduate after double majoring in Finance and Mathematics with an Investments Concentration, minoring in Sports Business. During her time as a lead sector analyst in the Roland George Investment Program, her team won first place at the 2023 RGIP Annual Showcase. She considers this to be one of her greatest academic accomplishments. Georgia continued her lifelong passion for lacrosse in her midfielder position on the Women’s Lacrosse team where she met lifelong friends. The team participated in volunteer services at the Chisholm Center in DeLand. Georgia helped build a women’s lacrosse travel club team You First Elite Lacrosse where she combines the tools she has learned from her various endeavors at Stetson. She also developed a passion for teaching during her time as a Math Tutor in the Student Success Center. Georgia considers her research project “Ordinary Differential Equation Capabilities in Chat GPT-4 and Playground” with Dr. Tom Vogel to be the other great academic accomplishment. She will pursue a PhD in Applied Mathematics.

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Haley Stinebrickner

Haley will graduate after majoring in Applied Mathematics with a Physics Concentration, minoring in Computer Science. During her time at Stetson, she placed first in the FSEM Program Research Paper Contest and was named to the Dean’s list each semester. Haley received the Emmett and Fannie Ashcraft Award from the Mathematics and Computer Science Department her junior year. She presented her research “Analyzing Media’s Role in Brest Cancer Fundraising” at the 2022 Stetson Showcase. Throughout her time at Stetson, she was a part of the Women’s basketball team and Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Haley presented her senior research project “Estimating Bias in Women’s NCAA Basketball” at 2024 Stetson Showcase. In the future, Haley plans to pursue a Master’s in Data Science.

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Miranda Bihler

Miranda will graduate after majoring in Applied Mathematics with a Statistics Concentration and minoring in Spanish. Throughout her time at Stetson as a J. Ollie Edmunds Scholar, Miranda was a Student Ambassador and Math and statistics Tutor in the Student Success Center.
She was involved in the Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, and Tri-Alpha First Generation College Student Honor Societies. Miranda was also involved in Club Running and Stetson Chorale. She was on the Business Ethics Case Competition Team and was a past FOCUS leader.
Her research and professional experience include a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program at James Madison University where she used machine learning models to create predictive temporal and spatial models to assess efficiency and increase ridership with the Harrisonburg public transit system. She later presented this REU research project at the 2023 Joint Mathematics Meeting in Boston, MA. Miranda interned with Lowe’s Companies, Inc. in Charlotte, NC as a Business Analytics Intern to conduct data analysis on business processes with warranty evaluations. Her senior research project “Database Model Predicting 6-Year Graduation Rates” has allowed her to collaborate with Stetson’s Institutional Research Center using machine learning models. She presented this project at 2024 Stetson Showcase. Miranda will pursue a PhD in Statistics at Virginia Tech as a Dr. Jean D. Gibbons Fellow.

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Matthew Stefanovic (Computer Science)

 Matthew will graduate after double majoring in Cybersecurity and Computer Science. During his time at Stetson, he was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Baptist Collegiate Fellowship. He was a Resident Assistant over several years with the university. Matthew also worked as a student employee with the IT Helpdesk. He was President of Stetson Hacker Space, and later, the Computer Science Club. He worked as an analyst and developer on the Artificial Intelligence Journal (AIJ) website with Dr. Joshua Eckroth through a university grant. Matthew interned at KeyLogic Systems during the summer of 2021. Matthew is currently employed as a Client Success Specialist I at Team Cymru.

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Timothy Schuwerk (Cybersecurity)

Tim will graduate from Stetson after majoring in Cybersecurity. During his time at Stetson, Tim demonstrated academic excellence and collaborative engagement with fellow students and was encouraged and supported by the faculty in the Cybersecurity and Computer Science programs. As a student employee, he served for three semesters as a Cybersecurity/Computer Science tutor, utilizing his teaching background to help students better navigate their academic challenges. For the past two semesters, Tim was also a student employee at the IT Helpdesk working closely with his colleagues to benefit faculty, staff, and students across the campus. Tim commented, “My Stetson experiences have allowed me to employ timely problem-solving skills, learn from others’ experiences, build valuable relationships, and gain understanding of how my role in the future directly impacts so many people.” After graduation, Tim will be joining Brown & Brown for a summer internship.

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Vakul Nath (Computer Science)

Vakul will graduate after majoring in Computer Science, minoring in Mathematics. During his time at Stetson, he served as Vice President of the Computer Science Club. He was also employed by the Stetson IT Helpdesk where he had the opportunity to assist individuals within the university community. This role helped Vakul develop empathy and effective communication when attempting to connect with individuals. One Stetson alumnus complemented Vakul’s patience, understanding, and knowledge. His desire to embrace interdisciplinary learning was showcased in The Light Database project, which seeks to build a completely new database that will store data in Light travelling between Earth and Mars. Vakul worked with a team to collaborate with Advent Health to develop ‘Bon Vida’ – an AI-assisted chatbot designed to guide users in Basic Life Support. After graduation, Vakul plans to pursue a Masters of Computer Science at Vanderbilt University. He will also continue to work on The Light Database project which has the potential to revolutionize traditional data storage methods

Outstanding Senior

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Emily Flugrath

Emily Flugrath is a philosophy major interested in the law. In her senior research project, she developed a unique theory of collective agency. She used that theory to undercut some of the core assumptions animating the case of Citizens United v. FEC, which enabled corporations and other outside groups to engage in unlimited amounts of campaign spending under the auspices that such corporations, like persons, have the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech. Emily is currently applying to law school.

Outstanding Senior

Halle Block

Halle Block

President of Sigma Pi Sigma. Accepted into Materials Science and Engineering PhD program at Purdue University.

Halle Block is a Physics major, president of the Stetson Chapter of the Sigma Pi Sigma honor society, and a Physics and Mathematics tutor. An enthusiastic student and volleyball coach, she has excelled in both the classroom and the lab. Since her interests lie at the interface of physics and sustainability, her senior research project explored bio-plastic decomposition and compost fertility. She has received a fellowship to pursue a PhD in Material Science and Engineering at Purdue University where she hopes to be involved in the creation and exploration of novel, sustainable materials.

Outstanding Seniors

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Brett Zimmerman

Brett graduated from Lansing High School in Lansing, Kansas. His campus involvement includes Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society, Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honors Society, & Writing Center Tutor. Post graduation Brett intends to work as a Philosophy Graduate Assistant for a time being.

Diana Nasreddine profile picture

Diana Nasreddine

Diana graduated from Olympia High School in Orlando, Florida in 2021. Her campus involvement includes the Model Senate Planning Committee, Vice President of Vmeste Student Union, Research Assistant for the Political Science department, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Sigma Alpha, & Dobro Slovo Honors Society.

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Jonathan Heiderick

Jonathan Heiderick graduated from Olympic Heights High. He has consistently earned the dean's list and plans on attending law school after graduation.

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Sarah Joyner

Sarah graduated from Space Coast Jr/Sr High School. Her campus involvement includes Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta, and Omicron Delta Kappa honor societies. Post graduation she will be attending Stetson Law School.

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Yulia Balan

Yuliia graduated high school from Vyacheslav Chornovil Halytskyi College (Ternopil, Ukraine). She is a member of Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society and secretary for the Stetson Model UN. After graduation, she plans to pursue a dual Master's degree in International Relations and Global Studies in Vienna and New York after Stetson.

Outstanding Seniors

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Cyrus Rushton

Cyrus’s professors describe him as “fantastic” and that he “brings positive energy and works extremely hard- he contributes important insights.” Within the department, Cyrus has worked as a teaching assistant and as a psychology tutor, as well as a research assistant for Dr. Semenyna. His goal of starting medical school is evident through his senior project which is a meta-analysis examining the effectiveness of prostate cancer screening decision aids. Cyrus intends to take a gap year before applying to medical school for his eventual plans to become a neurologist.

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Elodie Foster*

Honorary/Academic Organizations: Psi Chi Post-Graduation Plans: After graduating in December, Elodie began working as a research coordinator at Indiana University’s Alzheimer Disease Research Center. She plans to apply for PhD programs in clinical psychology in the near future. Elodie has taken advantage of everything Stetson’s psychology program has to offer, and as the Psychology Department’s Excellence in Research award winner, has demonstrated a very clear skill in psychological and health sciences research. She has worked as a research assistant and research coordinator in two laboratories- Dr. Garcia's Clinical Neuropsychology Lab and Dr. Eskenazi's Reading, Eye-tracking, and Individual Differences Lab, in which she co-authored several manuscripts. She also served as a research assistant across two other universities in Australia during her summer semesters. Dr. Eskenazi noted “It’s hard to imagine a better research assistant than Elodie. She is one of the most dedicated, conscientious, and talented students I have ever had in the lab, and on top of that, she’s fun to work with too.” Additionally, Elodie served as an intern and later as a research coordinator at Stetson's Brain Fitness Academy. For her senior research project, which doubled for both her Psychology and her Health Sciences majors, she investigated the relationship between modifiable lifestyle factors and cognitive functioning in college students, which she currently is presenting for publication. Furthermore, she worked as a teaching assistant in behavioral statistics and did all of this fantastic work as a Division I athlete.

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Emma Nash

Emma exemplifies the psychology department’s emphasis in scientific inquiry. Dr. Askew described that “Emma has a profound curiosity that extends beyond psychology into questions of how phenomena are measured, how effects are studied and quantified, and how scientific knowledge is generated.” Emma worked as a research assistant for both Dr. Eskenazi and Dr. Semenyna, as well as a teaching assistant for behavioral statistics. She was noted to have “one of the most ambitious senior projects” in the psychology department, conducting a meta-analysis on the sensitivity and specificity of a widely-used and well-regarded psychological measure in the field. Her professors add, “Emma is such a fun student to have in class. She always asks interesting questions, has thoughtful contributions, and challenges me to think about topics from different perspectives [and usually gets the highest grade in the class even though she spends most of the class knitting” After a gap year, Emma intends to apply to graduate school in quantitative psychology.

Noureen Saeed profile picture

Noureen Saeed

Honorary/Academic Organizations: Bonner Program Post-Graduation Plans: Noureen will be pursuing her PhD in Biomedical Science with a major in Neuroscience at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University this fall Noureen’s passion for neuroscience and psychology has always been apparent. In her own words, the psychology department “has been influential. Dr. Kissane's foundations class ignited my passion for research, while Dr. King's Neuropsychopharmacology course deepened my fascination with the brain.” She has been highly dedicated to her development as a researcher, and beyond her coursework, she served as a research assistant in Dr. Ferguson's psychotechnology lab, interned at Stetson’s Brain Fitness Academy, and conducted psycholinguistics research in Egypt under Dr. Eskenazi's mentorship as a SURE grant recipient. Her senior research focuses on Alzheimer's Disease-related social interactions and empathy using an animal model and recently presented at the Southeastern Psychological Association. One of her professors describes, “Noureen is an incredibly ambitious student and researcher who takes on every opportunity that is available to her. She thrives when researching topics that are of greatest interest to her ranging from neurodegenerative disorders to psycholinguistics. She is a clever, independent, and autonomous researcher and will make great contributions to her future lab.

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Richelle Eastridge

Honorary/Academic Organizations: Psi Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Kappa Psi.

Post-Graduation Plans: Richelle will be commissioning into the U.S. Army as a 2nd Lieutenant, branching into the Medical Service Corps (70B/Health Service Administration) within the Oregon Army National Guard – C(MED) 141st BSB in Portland, Oregon. She also plans to further her education in Liberty University's Master's of Science in Exercise Science.

Richelle’s exemplary leadership skills extend throughout the psychology department and the larger Stetson community. Within the psychology department, Richelle has been very actively involved in our Psi Chi organization. She has completed numerous certifications in mental health first aid and music therapy and sound healing. She also has served as an intern with Stetson’s Brain Fitness Academy. According to her internship advisors, “As an intern, working with Richelle has been a delight, she’s extremely outgoing and proactive, and genuinely cares about others and about making a difference in their life.” Outside of the department, she has engaged in community outreach with the Stetson Rotary Club and Baptist Collegiate Fellowship. She is deeply committed to her service with ROTC, and her senior project examines occupational migration and mental health in military members.

Outstanding Seniors

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Isabella Recanzone

During her four years at Stetson, Isabella has demonstrated exceptional dedication to advocating for harm reduction philosophy and equitable approaches to health care. She has served as a Fronk scholar educating the campus community about issues related to heroin and opioid addiction. She also served as the co-president of Stetson Public Health Association (SPHA). In these roles, she has organized and facilitated several presentations, training, workshops, Narcan training, and other outreach activities. Isabella has consistently proven herself as an outstanding student, demonstrating critical thinking skills and tackling complex issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. She is passionate about public health because, in her own words, “public health is a very unique subject, as it combines every possible topic into one complete story. Public health has allowed me to truly blossom as a student and person, as I’ve been able to make so many community connections.” Isabella is currently employed at Volusia County Mosquito Control. She plans to continue working for either the state or the county in the future, as it provides her with opportunities to engage with diverse community groups on various health topics. Upon establishing herself in her career, she intends to further her education by pursuing a Master's degree in Public Health (MPH).


Outstanding Senior

Mallory Holland profile picture

Mallory Holland

Mallory will be working for Stetson, in the position of college access and success for social change, recruiting low-income students

Mallory is the consummate student. She not only has an exemplary GPA, worthy of Summa Cum Laude, she worried over completing her double major in Communication & Media Studies and Religious Studies, semester by semester because it was understandably that important to show how dedicated she was to both fields. Mallory came with me to Japan for five weeks in the summer of 2023 and she made more than the most of it. For my “Religions of China and Japan” course last summer, she and nine other Stetson students joined me in Nishinomiya, Japan for an intense course. She not only handled the stressors of travel, but she also worked well with the other students in and outside of the classroom while abroad and proved to be one of the most responsible in the group, especially with unexpected field trips and interpersonal struggles between other students. On several occasions, Mallory showed herself to be a responsible, diligent, and motivated student. For a class assignment, she also conducted extensive and outstanding field research at the Kōfukuji Buddhist Temple in Nara, the historic home of Buddhism in Japan and the countries eighth-century capital. Mallory is attentive, engages well with advanced concepts, and structures information in an accessible manner. This award is truly the least our department can do for all that she has done for us. She is conscientious, intelligent, and disciplined in a way so few students are, and I am honored to present her such an award.


Outstanding Senior

Heaven Lee Sullivan profile picture

Heaven Lee Sullivan

Vmeste Student Union, Alexander Hamilton Society, elected to Phi Beta Kappa accepted to Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, Indiana MA programs and going to Georgetown on full funding H. Lee Sullivan is one of the new generation of REES-area experts. Her study abroad semester in Vladivostok, Russia, was cut short because of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. She was sent to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and she threw herself into her new location and its language. She followed that semester with a summer in Riga, Latvia—and a prestigious Boren fellowship for 8 months in Tbilisi, Georgia. She is now sensitive to how diplomacy and security demands not studying only Russia and only Russian, but paying attention to the interconnection between all the disparate places in this region. Her coursework has ranged from a paper on Soviet-era bards in Kyrgyzstan to computer programs declining Russian verbs to cybersecurity in Estonia, the topic of her senior research. She is off to Georgetown for their regional studies MA program on a full scholarship, including extra funding to start studying Ukrainian. Lee will be on the frontlines of cybersecurity work in the Russian-Ukrainian war either in country or in Washington and will—we know—have a career that makes the world better and safer. She is a hard worker, she never complains, she is utterly unentitled and utterly brilliant. We will so miss her in our program, but we are proud to have been a part of her journey.

Outstanding Senior

Darian Fernandez profile picture

Dariann Fernandez

She is in the process of searching for jobs in a non-profit organization or a similar field. Dariann Fernandez is a friendly face that many people see when entering the Carleton Union Building (CUB). As a CUB crew member, she operates the university’s main phone line, manages the front desk, ensures amenities are operational, and spaces are well maintained, skills that will serve her well as she enters the non-profit sector after graduation. On campus, she has served as the Executive Director of Hatter Productions. Sociology faculty praise her motivation, engagement, and approachable personality, which allows her to “emerge as a leader in student group work and class discussions.” Nany poses thoughtful questions, provides social clues that she is actively listening and interested in the lecture, and “brings positive energy to stressful situations.

Skylar Treadwell

Skylar Treadwell

Her future plans are a master's degree in leadership and social justice or criminology. Skylar Treadwell joined us as a transfer student from Seton Hall in the Fall of 2022. In her two brief years at Stetson University, she served as a forward on the women’s basketball team, racking up a number of impressive stats, including tying Stetson’s women’s record of 21 rebounds in a single game! As she has had many assists on the court, she has also assisted her peers in understanding concepts in the classroom. Sociology faculty praise her focus and “quiet confidence” in the classroom: “This encourages the same from her peers and signals to them that she is a leader.” She attended the Federal Bureau of Investigation Collegiate Academy and completed an internship with the Orlando Police, where she focused on the relationship between race and outcomes in the law enforcement dimension of our criminal justice system.


Outstanding Seniors

Alexia Trapp profile picture

Alexia Trapp

  • Omicron Delta Kappa (leadership honor society)
  • Psi Chi (psychology honor society)
  • Phi Alpha Delta (law honor society)

Post-graduation plans: She will attend Campbell University Adrian Wiggins School of Law in Raleigh, North Carolina in the Fall of 2024 with hopes of becoming a child advocate.

For many prospective students and families, Alexis Trapp is quite literally the friendly face of Stetson University. She served as Captain of the Student Ambassadors, leading tours of the campus. Her impressive knowledge of the campus even helped to land the new Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management and University Marketing! On campus, she has served as Assistant Coordinator of FOCUS First-Year Orientation, Student Director of the Model Senate, and Event Coordinator for the Environmental Club. A consummate interdisciplinary student, she served as a Research Apprentice in political science, Teaching Apprentice in sociology, and she took Senior Research project in psychology. In May, she will be the student speaker at the College of Arts and Sciences commencement ceremony. In the fall she plans to attend the Campbell University Adrian Wiggins School of Law, with hopes of becoming a child advocate.

World Languages and Cultures Seniors posing for a picture with faculty

Outstanding Seniors

Anuket Goins profile picture

Anuket Goins

Anuket is the treasurer of the Environmental Club, the Peace Corps Prep Program Co-chair, the Chair of the Study Abroad Committee of WORLD, and an AmeriCorps Campus Climate Action Corps Energizer working with the Environmental Fellows.

After graduation, she plans to take a gap semester or year but will apply to the Peace Corps during that time. After Peace Corps I plan to return back to school to get my Master's in hopefully Environmental Anthropology.

Statement: “Throughout my 4 years at Stetson, the one thing that always seemed constant was the amazing community. I truly love the community here at Stetson, especially in the World Language and Culture and the Environmental Science & Studies departments. The faculty in these departments are so caring and they truly just want the best for their students. While the students not only group and work well together but we also cope and strive together, motivating ourselves to reach our highest potential. Being able to work with such caring, motivating, and kind people and getting to know them has truly been the highlight of my entire stay at Stetson University.”

Courtney Cormier profile picture

Courtney Cormier

Honors Program, Bonner Program, WORLD Ambassador, La Casa Cultural Latina, Peace Corp . After graduation, she forward to pursuing a VistaCorp position at Stetson within the Community Engagement Center while growing her art business. She also plans to finish building out her Skoolie tiny home and hopes to spend some much-needed time traveling around the country.

“My time at Stetson was amazing, especially thanks to the strong sense of community on campus and the myriad of cultural experiences I had the opportunity to participate in. One of my best experiences was working with La Casa Cultural Latina. It was profoundly rewarding to use my passion for art to create a Latin American-themed mural in their space on campus and I loved working with the ESL students. The Bonner program was also a big part of my university life and gave me the comfortable and supportive environment I needed to grow and learn.”