The 52nd Annual Patrick L. Smith Model United States Senate

March 21-23, 2024

The annual Stetson University Model U.S. Senate reproduces the actual procedures and activities of the United States Senate in an effort to provide experience and education for the student participants. Each student is assigned a senator in one of five legislative committees: the Committee on Armed Services, Environment and Public Works, Foreign Relations, Judiciary and Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. Each committee is responsible for researching and introducing a variety of bills. Student senators are encouraged to contact fellow committee members prior to the convening of the Senate using our website. In order to maximize the authenticity of the Senate, students are expected to adapt individual idiosyncrasies and characteristics of their respective senator.

Each year a parliamentarian from the Congressional Research Service advises the presiding officer and student participants on a variety of issues. Past Model U.S. Senate programs have included visits from U.S. Senators Max Cleland, Albert Gore, Robert Byrd, Lawton Chiles, Nancy Kassebaum, Howard Baker, William Bradley, Joseph Biden, Paul Sarbanes, Thad Cochran, Bill Nelson, Bob Graham and U.S. Representatives John L. Mica and E Clay Shaw.