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Making KINDness Contagious at Stetson

OurKINDofStetson is a new initiative centered on promoting and celebrating KINDness within our university community. Research suggests that kindness can create a virtuous cycle where being kind makes people happy and happy people tend to be more kind. Let's all get caught in the cyclone of KINDness!

With guidance from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation as a national effort to "make kindness the norm", OurKINDofStetson is rooted in the belief that all people can connect through kindness.  

KINDcampus Happenings

College of Law


  • Send aKINDnote to a campus community member which will be printed and sent to them through campus or US mail. (An ourKINDofStetson sticker will be included in the mailing!)
  • Share a KIND experience or reflection through ourKINDofKudos to publicly recognize KINDness in our community. These submissions might be shared through the ourKINDofStetU Twitter, the Weekly Employee newsletter, or other recognition opportunities.
  • With the goal of making KINDness contagious at Stetson, we hope the spirit of this initiative will continue far into the future. Follow us on Twitter @ourKINDofStetU where we will continue to post ourKINDofKudos and promote other KIND initiatives on campus. If you have an idea or an event to contribute to, please e-mail: ourKINDofStetson@stetson.edu