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Making KINDness Contagious at Stetson

OurKINDofStetson is a university initiative centered on promoting and celebrating KINDness within our university community. Research suggests that kindness can create a virtuous cycle where being kind makes people happy and happy people tend to be more kind. Let's all get caught in the cyclone of KINDness!

With guidance from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation as a national effort to "make kindness the norm", OurKINDofStetson is rooted in the belief that all people can connect through kindness.  

Want to Spread Some KINDness Today?

  • You can send aKINDnote directly to a member of the Stetson community! They will receive a note in their inbox with a link to send their own aKINDnote.
  • You can follow our @OurKINDofStetson Instagram account for daily KINDness prompts
  • You can download the 2024 KINDness Calendar from the Random Acts of Kindness website to inspire yourself and others every day of the week.
  • You can share your KIND heart in any way you see fit.

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