Alternatives to Hazing

Some organizations find it challenging to create activities and practices not centralized around hazing activities. Here is a list of alternative activities that you could easily implement within any organization that aligns with its central values.

  • Foster unity: Have the members of your group/organization work together on a community service project. Visit a ropes course to work on group cohesiveness, communication and leadership skills. In fraternities and sororities with chapter houses, the group might work together on a chapter room improvement project. Another option for fostering unity without hazing is for the members to work together to plan a social or athletic event with another group.
  • Develop problem-solving abilities: Have pledges discuss chapter weaknesses such as poor rush, apathy, and poor scholarship, and plan solutions that the active chapter might then adopt.
  • Develop leadership skills: Encourage participation in school/campus activities outside of the organization. Encourage new members to get involved in organizational committees and/or leadership roles. Develop a peer mentor program within your group for leadership roles. Invite school/community/business leaders into the organization to share their experiences.
  • Instill a sense of membership: Plan special events when the entire chapter gets together to attend a movie, play, or church service. Plan a "membership circle" when actives and pledges participate in a candlelight service in which each person has a chance to express what membership means to them.
  • Promote scholarship: Take advantage of your school/college/ university academic and tutoring services. Designate study hours for members of your organization. Invite college/university or community experts to discuss test-taking skills, study methods, time management etc.
  • Build awareness of chapter history: Invite an older member to talk about the chapter's early days, its founding, special chapter traditions, and prominent former members.
  • Knowledge of the Greek system: Invite leaders of IFC, Panhellenic and/or Advisers to speak on Greek governance including their goals and expectations of the Greek system.
  • Aid career goals: Use college resources for seminars on resume writing, job interview skills; various careers.
  • Involve pledges in the community: Get involved with campus and community service projects. Plan fund-raisers for local charitable organizations.
  • Improve relations with other Greeks: Encourage new members to plan social or service projects with other pledge classes; work together to plan joint social or service activities.

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