The ALANA-IA Caucus is composed of faculty members seeking to raise awareness of the concerns faced by the culturally-diverse members of the Stetson community, and willing to work together to find solutions that make Stetson University more equitable and inclusive.

ALANA, strictly speaking, is an acronym for historically under-represented racial/ethnic groups in U.S. history:

  • A: African/Black
  • L: Latinx
  • A: Asian
  • N: Native
  • A: -American

Today, the term ALANA can be broadened to include other cultural groups, including people of international origin, hence:

  • I: International Faculty
  • A: Allies

Any faculty member with a passion to challenge social inequality, correct injustice, and help make Stetson University a great place to be for all of us, is welcome to join the ALANA-IA Caucus! Contact Rajni Shankar-Brown, PhD, and Patrick Coggins, PhD, for more information.

Stetson faculty member Rajni Shankar Brown Stetson faculty member Patrick Coggins

The Importance of Cultural Diversity

"In diversity there is beauty and there is strength." - Maya Angelou

Our Goals

To provide support:

  • For tenure-track faculty throughout the pre-tenure review process;
  • For tenured faculty interested in promotion;
  • For faculty mentors and evaluators who want to learn more about supporting junior colleagues.

To network:

  • With faculty within and across disciplines;
  • With faculty at various stages of the pre- and post-tenure review process;
  • With administrators to help ensure that policies and procedures are equitable and just.

To collaborate:

  • With faculty and administrators to "Deepen the Way We Live Stetson's Core Values" (from Strategic Map);
  • With academic programs that focus on culturally-diverse and/or under-represented populations;
  • With the Office of Campus Life Student Success and the Cross Cultural Center to raise awareness of the needs and concerns of marginalized populations;
  • With faculty, administrators, staff, and students to raise awareness of the persistent structures of privilege and bias in our society.