As you focus on your major, our Pre-Law advisory committee will help guide you toward a focus in the practice of law. Stetson University's pre-law advising program draws on more than a century of experience in guiding undergraduates toward the study of law and legal careers.

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Program Overview

Our faculty advisors help students find a program of study that brings out their passion for learning and hones their skills of analysis, reflection and communication, in preparation for successful admission to national law schools or our own College of Law in Gulfport/St. Petersburg, Fla.

A great strength of our approach is that it allows students to major in an academic discipline of their choice — in arts and sciences, business, or music — while building a firm foundation in the liberal arts study that law school admission officers prize. With guidance from pre-law advisors, students can also tailor an undergraduate program of study that meets their individual interests in family, corporate, criminal, environmental, civil rights or copyright law.

Accelerated 3+3 Bachelor's/JD Program

The Accelerated 3+3 Bachelor's/J.D. Program ("3+3 Program") allows certain high-performing undergraduates from the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Business Administration to matriculate to the College of Law before completion of a bachelor's degree.

For students seeking a J.D. degree, you typically complete a four-year undergraduate program followed by three years of law school. The 3+3 accelerated path allows qualified students to earn both their bachelor's and J.D. degrees within six years. You will spend three years at the DeLand campus and three years at the College of Law campus in Gulfport. Your first year in the Stetson University J.D. program will count as elective credits toward the bachelor's degree and also serves as your final year of undergraduate study.

As a student on the 3+3 path, you will earn your baccalaureate degree no later than the end of their fourth year (e.g., 3+1). The program will be limited to students who can complete the major requirements by the end of the third year.

The 3+3 program also provides generous scholarship support once you start at Stetson University, reducing the overall cost associated with obtaining both degrees. Once admitted into the 3+3 program, you will be paired with a student, graduate and/or faculty member from the Stetson University College of Law who will serve as a mentor.

Please refer to the Pre-Law program's Special Programs page for more information, eligibility requirements and details on the application process.

4+3 Direct Admission to the College of Law

Stetson University faculty in the undergraduate program and in law encourage students with a serious interest in law to take full advantage of the undergraduate program over four years. The 4+3 program, with direct admission to the College of Law, is thus an attractive option. As a Stetson University graduate under this program, you are automatically admitted to the three-year J.D. program at the College of Law upon completion of the four-year baccalaureate degree.

Please refer to the Pre-Law program's special programs for more information, eligibility requirements and details on the application process.

Pre-Law Advisory Committee

Our Pre-Law Advisory Committee takes an active role in helping Stetson students prepare for a law career. Members of the committee will advise you in course selection, inform you about the many law and graduate schools available, assist in setting up internships, help you prepare for the LSAT and advise you on application procedures.

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