Introduction to 8x8

8x8 is the provider of Stetson University's cloud-based, university-wide phone system. 8x8 allows all users to utilize a computer, traditional handset, or smartphone app when communicating.

This new cloud-based phone system not only consolidates existing systems into a university-wide solution, but also provides business continuity in case of a natural disaster, even if our campuses are inaccessible. Some other advantages of this cloud-based system include:

  • Answering your extension from your cell phone when traveling, if you choose.
  • Accessing voice mail notifications in your Outlook email.
  • Viewing the full Stetson Corporate Directory. Regardless of your location, you can search names throughout all campuses, either from a desk phone, application or softphone.
  • Not needing to dial 5 before placing any external calls.
  • Setting a new, secure PIN to access your messages. Click here for instructions on setting up your PIN.