Stetson Lawyers Alumni Association

The Stetson University College of Law Alumni Association (SLAA) and its Advisory Council work for the advancement of the law school and serve the law school in an advisory capacity. The Council also works to improve the overall effectiveness of the College of Law; participates in the annual fall, spring, and summer meetings of the Advisory Council; reports any concerns to College leadership for discussion and possible action; and sets a leadership example by making a personal financial commitment to the College of Law. 

Advisory Council Board Members

Mitchell Schermer, JD ’15
St. Petersburg, Florida

 Vice President
Brittany Maxey-Fisher, JD ’07
St. Petersburg, Florida

Keith Appleby, JD/MBA ’04
Tampa, Florida

 The Hon. Michael Baggé-Hernández, JD ’07
Tampa, Florida

 Chelsea Benes, JD ’15
Miami, Florida

Blaze Bowers, JD ‘21
Harrogate, Tennessee

Adriana Foreman, JD ’17
New York, New York

 Ying "Laura" Gao, JD ’16
Ocala, Florida

 Alexander Howell, JD ’17
Melbourne, Florida

 Alexandria Lewis, JD ’15
Miami, Florida

 Kayla Richmond, JD/MBA ’13
Fort Myers, Florida

 James Ross, JD ’08
Tallahassee, Florida

 Erin Tilton, JD '13
Tallahassee, Florida

 Howard Williams, JD ’12
New Port Richey, Florida

Danielle Weaver-Rogers, JD '13
St. Petersburg, Florida

 Ciara Willis, JD ’16
Tampa, Florida