Master of Jurisprudence in Healthcare Compliance - Curriculum

Candidates for the Master of Jurisprudence degree in Healthcare Compliance must satisfactorily complete four full academic semesters for a total of at least 30 credit hours. Students may enroll in additional coursework with additional approval from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

Consideration for a spring start is possible; please submit a resume to be considered to [email protected].

An option is available to complete the program in 3 years with a reduced course load. Email [email protected] or call 727-562-7654 to review your options.

Required Courses

First Fall

  • Legal Research (2 credits)*
  • Fundamentals of Contract Law (2 credits)*
  • Health Care Programs and Benefits (2 credits)

*J.D. degree holders will take alternative courses/projects to substitute for these courses.

First Spring

  • Ethics and Professionalism (2 credits)
  • Compliance 101 (3 credits)
  • Risk Management in Healthcare Programs (3 credits)

Second Fall

  • Professionalism and the Court System (1 credit)
  • Understanding Healthcare Payment Systems and Reimbursements (2 credits)
  • Fraud and Abuse 3: EMTALA and HIPAA (2 credits)
  • Technology in Healthcare Compliance (2 credits)

Second Spring

  • Human Resource and Management Issues (2 credits)
  • Fraud and Abuse 1: Kickbacks, Stark, False Claims (3 credits)
  • Fraud and Abuse 2: Tax and Antitrust (2 credits)
  • Healthcare Organizational Culture of Compliance and Ethics (2 credits)

View the course descriptions and requirements in the Course Catalog.