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International Law and Immigration

Practicing law today often includes an international dimension that was unknown a generation ago. International law is generally divided into private and public law.

Private international law addresses agreements and disputes between parties in different countries. International trade lawyers may draft documents or litigate using foreign law. Arbitration is often used to settle disputes between parties in different countries. Attorneys practice private international law in large and small law firms, although larger law firms are more likely to have a consistent case load of international work. Some private international law is regulated and litigated by national governments. In the United States, the federal Department of Justice, Department of Commerce, Federal Trade Commission, and International Trade Administration all engage in international regulatory matters and litigation.

Public international law includes international development, international human rights, and international treaties and trade. Most attorneys practicing public international law work for national governments, the United Nations, and Non-Governmental Organizations advocating and working for human rights and development.

Stetson offers international study through numerous opportunities to study abroad for the summer, a full semester, or during spring break. Stetson also has exchanges and dual-degree programs with universities in Europe and Australia.

Related to international law, immigration law concerns citizenship and temporary or permanent resident status for foreign nationals. Most lawyers practicing immigration law work directly with clients to help them work or stay in the United States. Large businesses may have in-house immigration attorneys to allow employees to work in offices in different countries. Some immigration lawyers practice with larger law firms, non-profit organizations, or the federal government.


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  • ILSA’s Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court
  • International Law Rona R. Mears Student Writing Competition & Scholarship Awards
  • Law and National Security Writing Competition
  • Niagara International Moot Court Competition
  • The Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot

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  • Immigration Law Student Association
  • International Law Society