Prior to graduation, students must take at least one course in each of the following areas:

Code requirement

Code Course

Skills/Experiential requirement

Skills/Experiential Course

Administrative requirement

Administrative Course

Writing requirement

Writing Course

General Practice and Bar Preparation

The General Practice and Bar Preparation pathway should be considered by all students every semester when making course selections. In this pathway are the core and foundational courses with which every lawyer should have familiarity.

Certainly most of these courses (particularly in Phase One) are bar-tested in most states, and many students will find a full semester immersed in these doctrines to be useful bar preparation.

But more than just bar preparation, these courses essentially form the common vocabulary for all attorneys. Regardless of an attorney’s specialty, certain doctrines impact all of law, and it is very important to have a background in business, tax, commercial, and administrative law, just to name a few.

Before registering for classes, students should always review the General Practice and Bar Preparation pathway and strongly consider taking any of these classes.


Core/Foundational Courses

Recommended Courses

Experiential Courses and Seminars



  • Lawyers' Professional Liability and Long & Levit Essay Contest
  • State and Local Government Smith-Babcock-Williams Writing Competition

Full-Time Faculty Focusing on this Pathway


Professional Organizations

  • The Florida Bar General Practice Solo and Small Firm

Student Organizations