National Employment Disability Awareness Month

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National Disability Employment Awareness Month is celebrated each October and commemorates the historical and current contributions of workers with disabilities. Employers across the nation bring awareness to their inclusive policies and practices to increase accessibility for all employees. The National Office of Disability Employment Policy has chosen "Advancing Access and Equity" as the theme for this year. We all can play a part in advancing equity alongside those with disabilities. We invite you to explore the resources below to build awareness and how you can get involved in this year's events. 

While this page is the result of a collaborative effort, it is not a comprehensive resource. We encourage students, faculty, and staff to explore other resources and to feel free to share those that may add to the richness of this page. Please email any insights to [email protected].

The United States Department of Labor shares its 2023 theme of Advancing Access and Equity and reinforces the importance of advancing access for all Americans in the workplace. (United States Department of Labor, 2023) (Duration 3:19)

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Stetson Law Events:

Employment Discrimination Panel
Disability Allied Law Student Association | Labor and Employment Law Association

Event details are forthcoming

National Disability Employment Awareness Month Information Board
Stetson Law Human Resources
October 10│ 11 am-1 pm │ Health and Wellness Fair, The Great Hall


Neurodiversity at Work: How Neurodivergent Employees Help Businesses Meet Talent Needs
National Organization on Disability
October 4│1 pm-2 pm│Free│Online| Please RSVP Here

Lunch and Learn
National Trends in Disability Employment
October 6│12 pm-12:45 pm│Free│Online| Please RSVP Here

Self-paced Training: Strategies for Disability Inclusion
Earn Assistance and Resources Network on Disability Inclusion
Explore EARN's training series on disability inclusion in the workplace


Building an Inclusive Workplace
United States Office of Department of Labor
A four-step reference guide to recruit, hire, and retain employees with disabilities

Disability Etiquette
Job Accommodation Network
A resource to learn recruitment, interview, and workplace etiquette when engaging with individuals who have disabilities


The Difference Between Person-First and Identity-First Language
National Institutes of Health

Consider how language can impact others

Disability Civil Rights History

A Guide to Disability Rights Laws
The United States Department of Justice
A resource of federal disability rights laws that ensure opportunities for people with disabilities

Disability Justice Pioneers and Advocates

Judy Heumann: Special Advisor for International Disability Rights
United States Department of State
Heumann is responsible for the implementation of national legislation for programs in special education, disability research, vocational rehabilitation, and independent living

Owning Otherness

Claudia Gordon is the first deaf black female attorney in the United States. She recounts her journey toward being an advocate for inclusive spaces for all (TEDx Talks, 2018) (Duration 16:30)

Advancing Access and Equity at Stetson


A list of a few resources for students with disabilities. Please contact [email protected] if you would like more information

Accessibility Resources for Students with Disabilities or Foreign Students
Stetson Law Accessibility Office
Resources for students seeking accessibility resources

Counseling and Stress Management
Stetson University College of Law Counseling Services
Learn ways you can connect with a counselor or manage your stress at Stetson Law 


Please note this is not a comprehensive list of resources for employees with disabilities and those wishing to create inclusive spaces at the College of Law. Please contact Human Resources at [email protected] if you would like more information

Employee Benefits
Stetson Law Human Resources 
A list of benefits for Stetson Law employees

Resources for Accessibility Across Campus
Stetson Law Accessibility Office
Tips for faculty and staff on how to increase accessibility across campus


EveryBody: An Artifact History of Disability in America
The Smithsonian
Browse through the artifacts that tell the history of disability in America

EveryBody: An Artifact History of Disability in America

Real Cases
Kathryn Pelham, Stetson Law’s Associate Director of Accessibility Resources and ADA Coordinator, discusses how Stetson and other law schools are accommodating a growing number of students with conditions that impact their access to education.

Webinar: Living with a Disability in the Legal Profession

Judges and lawyers share their individual experiences living with disabilities in the legal profession, both positive and negative. (American Bar Association) (Duration 1:27:40)


Disability Community Network at Stetson Law

ADA Coordinator - Learn more
Disability Allied Law Student Association (DALSA) - Learn more
Resources for Accessibility Across Campus for Students, Faculty, and Staff - Learn more

American Bar Association Resources

Internships for Law Students with Disabilities- Learn more
Accessibility- Learn more