Counseling and Stress Management

Stetson University College of Law Counseling Services

1401 61st Street South
Gulfport, FL 33707

Our Mental Health Counseling Services supports the mission and values of Stetson University and that of the Office of Student Affairs by providing proactive, responsive, and effective counseling services for our students. Our on-campus counselor promotes the holistic wellness, self-exploration, and personal growth of our students through confidential counseling, outreach and programming, consultation, crisis response, and connection with campus and community partners.

Our Mental Health counselor is committed to providing ethical, competent, and current services consistent with national best practices in professional counseling. Our services continually meet the changing needs of our growing and diversifying student population while helping to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and help-seeking behavior. We are proud to provide professional counseling services, at no cost, to our College of Law students.

Hours and Appointments

Our Mental Health counselor is located in the Office of Student Affairs and is available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Appointments can be made by calling 727-562-7575 or by visiting the Office of Student Affairs.


All counseling records are kept strictly confidential and are not part of Stetson University records. Exceptions to this are rare and include when a person poses a threat to his/her own safety or the safety of someone else.

Eligibility and Cost

Counseling Services are offered at no cost to all currently enrolled students.

Our Counselor

Our counselor, Sarah Siegrist, has earned her advanced professional degree and is licensed by the State of Florida.

Another option for students seeking assistance is Florida Lawyers Assistance Inc. (FLA). FLA's staff and volunteers understand the problems law students face and can offer advice about how to overcome them. The Florida Board of Bar examiners has acknowledged that any contact with or information provided to FLA shall be strictly confidential unless the applicant requests disclosure. FLA's hotline is 800-282-8981, and its website is

Our Student Success Manager

Our Student Success Manager works collaboratively with students on a non-clinical basis to help navigate life stressors and barriers to success. They can help connect you with on and off-campus resources that are relevant to your circumstances as well.

Some of the resources that we regularly help students connect with include: mental health counseling, financial emergency support, health care referrals, existing academic supports at Stetson, accommodations, housing and food insecurity support, and decision support for students considering a leave of absence or withdrawal, to name a few.

For more information about Counseling Services or other support, please see any of the below administrators or email the group at [email protected].

  • Theresa Pulley Radwan, Interim Dean and Professor of Law
  • Jason Bent, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • JoCynda Hudson, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
  • Melissa Mundt, Director of the Registrar's Office
  • Michael Pridemore, Chief of Public Safety
  • Kathryn Pelham, Associate Director of Accessibility Resources & ADA Coordinator
  • Sarah Siegrist, LMHP

Mental Health Crises

During Business Hours:

Counseling Services Office: 727-562-7575, [email protected]
Located in the Office of Student Affairs (2nd floor of the Student Center)

Public Safety Office: 727-562-7800 ext. 7949

Evenings, Weekends, or University Holidays:

Additional Resources

See Mental Health and Support Resources for a list of additional resources, including suicide prevention, domestic abuse support, and other local mental health services.