Stetson Law School Disability Allied Law Student Association (DALSA)

We are a community for students with disabilities and allies who are interested in Disability Law or Advocacy. Stetson Law DALSA seeks to increase awareness of disability issues, combat disability stigma, and advance the equal rights of disabled people at Stetson Law and in the disability community at large.

Our chapter commits to being inclusive of and advocating on behalf of all disabled students and students who support issues related to disability justice personally or professionally on an intersectional level. We strive to create a safe space to raise, discuss, and advocate about disability-related issues to promote the full social and professional inclusion of people with disabilities. This student organization will also provide support for students throughout the academic accommodation process, and host social justice-related events.

Tiffany Oms
[email protected]

Vice President
Morgan Patipa
[email protected]

Michelle Genao
[email protected]

Accessibility Liaison

Director of Operations
Jacob B. Scott
[email protected]

Director of Social Media
Rebecca Bloomquist
[email protected]