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Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology

General Education Requirements

Psychology majors must complete the general education requirements (9 units) for the College of Arts and Sciences in addition to specific requirements for the major. The Psychology section in the University Catalog has more information about the major as well as advising plans for majors and detailed descriptions of all psychology courses.

Requirements for a Major in Psychology

Starting Fall 2017 new students must follow these major requirements

Major Requirements                                                                                                                                          

PSYC 101S Introduction to Psychology                                                                               

PSYC 203 Great Experiments in Psychology                                                                    

PSYC 306Q Behavioral Statistics                                                                                      

PSYC 498 Research Methods and Proposal                                                                        

PSYC 499 Senior Project                                                                                                  

Select 4 Units from at least 3 of the following five Pillars:                                                  

Pillar 1- Biological

PSYC 313V Drugs, Mind, and Behavior

PSYC 211 Biological Psychology

PSYC 414 Neuropsychology

Pillar 2- Cognitive

PSYC 322 Memory in Everyday Life

PSYC 221 Cognitive Psychology

Pillar 3- Developmental

PSYC 231 Developmental Psychology

PSYC 332 Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

PSYC 334 Adult Development and Aging

PSYC 435 Childhood Behavior Disorders

Pillar 4- Social & Personality

PSYC 242 Theories and Research in Personality

PSYC 343 Industrial and Organizational Psychology

PSYC 444 Psychometrics

PSYC 241 Social Psychology

PSYC 445 Psychology of Women

Pillar 5- Physical & Mental Health

PSYC 353 Forensic Psychology

PSYC 251V Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 352V Health Psychology

PSYC 451 Clinical and Counseling Psychology

PSYC 452V Human Sexuality

Select one additional PSYC unit                                                                                                                      

Any PSYC courses, excluding JSEMs, or PSYC courses offered Pass-Fail Only

Collateral Requirements

BIOL 121P The Biological Basis of Behavior*

MATH 125Q Introduction to Mathematical and Statistical Modeling

General electives: 11

Total Units including general education requirements and electives: 32
*Students may substitute for BIOL 121P this sequence: BIOL 141P and BIOL 142P.

Requirements for a Minor in Psychology

Minor requirements

PSYC 101S Introduction to Psychology

One statistics course*

PSYC 306Q Behavioral Statistics

BIOL 243Q Biostatistics

MATH 125Q Introduction to Mathematical and Statistical Modeling

POLI 225 Political Analysis

PUBH 308Q Health and Medical Statistics

SOCI 498Q Tools for Quantitative Analysis

STAT 301Q Business Statistics

Three additional PSYC course units

Must select 3 additional PSYC units, excluding JSEM or PSYC courses offered pass/fail only. No two of these PSYC units can be from the same pillar

Total Units 5

 *Minor must select one course from any course listed

Graduate Programs

Qualified graduates of the Department of Psychology may be directly accepted into any of the three master's degree programs offered by Stetson University's Department of Counselor Education--Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, and Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling--without submitting scores for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT). To qualify, a student must major in psychology at Stetson University, have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8 for all work at Stetson University, successfully complete a group interview, and have satisfactory letters of recommendation. Students who do not meet these criteria may apply for admission in the normal fashion. Please see the Department of Counselor Education website for additional information.