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Philosophy Club and Idle Talk

The Philosophy Club at Stetson University is a monthly meeting of the minds involving faculty, philosophy majors and minors, and students interested in philosophy. There are usually six meetings per year–three per semester–with a new president elected annually by the philosophy faculty; the president offers guidance to conveners in their selection of discussion topics.

The Faculty Advisor contacts guest speakers or hands off the responsibility of setting a topic to the President of the Club. Meetings allow students and professors to continue their philosophical dialogue outside of class in a congenial atmosphere. When we don’t have a guest speaker or set topic, we hold Idle Talk, which is our opportunity to talk more casually about philosophy. The Stetson University Philosophy Club is officially recognized by the Student Government Association.

If you are interested in joining the Philosophy Club, please contact Debra Tate, the Philosophy Department administrative assistant. We will be happy to put you on the mailing list for upcoming Philosophy Club meetings and announcements.

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We are excited to share the Philosophy Department's latest accomplishments and developments through our yearly newsletter, the Gadfly. Our newsletter includes highlights of the research, teaching and service activities of our faculty, students and alumni. We invite you to explore the Gadfly to access the latest edition of our newsletter, as well as back issues from previous years. By browsing our newsletter archives, you can gain insight into the growth and evolution of our department over time. We welcome your feedback and contributions, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Thank you for your continued support and interest in our department.