Stetson Young Scholars' Weekend Workshops 2022-2023

The Stetson Young Scholars offers faculty-led workshops to high-achieving students in grades 7-12. 

Any student who attends a Stetson Young Scholars event and subsequently enrolls at Stetson University is eligible for a scholarship of  $1000/year over the course of 4 years. Come try a class, meet our faculty, and visit our campus!

Two six-hour creative writing workshops open to 9th to 12th graders will focus on generating new poems, understanding revision and effective workshop strategies. Led by award-winning poet Michele Parker Randall. 

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Back by popular demand, Dr. Imes will repeat his 2022 class. Want to learn about Wall Street? Thinking about finance, or at least being smarter with your future investments? The class will provide a brief overview of capital markets, focusing on debt and equity markets. Learn what investment means and the risks and advantages of different strategies. 

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Are learning styles really a thing? What is the best way to study for tests? What is the difference between memorizing and learning? Come see how the study of psychology works in action and hone your own learning and testing skills. We will learn about some of the most important experiments in memory research, discuss a recent review of learning styles and plan for how to implement the most effective techniques for your studying.

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We have two workshops planned geared towards different age groups. In January middle-schoolers will perform two college-level, hands-on labs and participate in group problem-solving activities. In June, we will have another workshop for high-schoolers that will give students the same hands-on experiments, but will also give students a feel for what it means to study science at the college level.

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The Theater Art's department's visual storytellers workshop will go beyond the written word, exploring student-composed narratives through a creative lens by representing stories through different artistic mediums, working with unconventional materials and different types of creative fabrication.

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Everybody knows violent video games are bad for kids.  But what if they're not? Join world-renowned psychologist and video game researcher Dr. Christopher Ferguson to explore the research on violent video games, mass homicides, youth violence and moral panics. Are action-oriented games something we should be concerned about?

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Argue with and against actual, experienced trial attorneys and other mock trailers like you in front of actual trial judges in matches designed to develop your trial skills. Have dinner with and make contact with attorneys, law school staff and law students to prepare for your future career or just learn the ins and outs of public speaking.

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