Early Entrance to Stetson University

Stetson University is a four-year institution of higher learning in Florida that offers early entrance to college for high-achieving students who have accelerated their high school curriculum. Many young students are ready for college-level work and thinking well before the system actually asks it of them. Stetson is well known for challenging academics that push students to become active learners and leaders. We welcome academically talented students eager to begin their college studies on campus.

Many motivated learners have already completed Stetson’s entry requirements by their junior year, and sometimes even sooner. Our requirements include: four years of high-school level English; at least three years of math, including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II; three years of natural science; two years of social science; and two consecutive years of a foreign language (American Sign Language is recognized as a foreign language). Keep in mind that some schools offer high-school-level courses in middle school, and dual-enrollment courses usually complete a year’s course in one semester. As soon as middle school, we encourage motivated students who are interested in early admission and other academically challenging tracks to talk to their school counselors, so that their counselors can direct them towards advanced classes as early as possible.

Students may be considered for admission if their standardized tests show great academic potential and an interview with the Director of Admission indicates that the student is mature and able to handle the academic as well as social challenges of college.

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