Staff Directory (continued)

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Soleille Vertus

Career Peer

Soleille is a third-year student double majoring in Philosophy & French with a minor in Business Law and Community Service of Engagement. She is a Bonner Scholar, Stetson Ambassador, and a member of Hatter Productions. Soleille enjoys traveling, experiencing new things, and challenging herself. Outside of studying and servicing the community, you kind find Soleille planning her next trip or hanging out with her friends. 

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Michaela Hawthorne

Career Peer

Michaela is a junior majoring in communication and media studies. She is a transfer student from Simmons University, where she also worked as a Career Peer. Michaela is excited to help Stetson students succeed. She enjoys writing, reading, going to the beach, and spending time with friends.

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Abigail Denton

Office Assistant

Abby is a third-year student pursuing a degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. She is passionate about learning new things and is committed to helping her fellow students succeed. Outside of school, Abby enjoys running, being outdoors, and reading.

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Celine Jose

Office Assistant

Celine is a senior student majoring in biology on a pre-health track. She is also part of Alpha Epsilon Delta, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a residential assistant and Stetsons Honor System Council Vice President. Celine enjoys learning new things and does not shy away from a challenge. She is committed to helping individuals advance their professional and leadership skills. When Celine is not studying and volunteering around campus, you can find her spending time with her friends.

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Alice Martineli

Social Media and Marketing Assistant

Alice is an international student from Brazil double majoring in Marketing and Business Analytics with a minor in Digital Arts and Community Service Engagement. Besides her role as Social Media and Marketing Assistant, she is also a Bonner Leader, Head of Marketing from the International Student Organization, cohort on the J.J Master Professionalism Certificate, and a member of Green White and You. Alice is committed to developing creative thinking and helping Stetson students succeed. She enjoys traveling, learning new things, and hanging out with friends.

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