Staff Directory

Alara Arpaci

Alara Arpaci, Career Peer

Alara is an enthusiastic individual dedicated to developing skills needed as a leader and a professional through diverse experiences. Such experiences include becoming a Research Assistant at Stetson University's School of Business, joining Alpha Kappa Psi, and spending her free time traveling and drinking coffee.

Ashley Haripersaud

Ashley Haripersaud, Career Peer

Ashley is a Junior at Stetson University, majoring in Health Sciences and Psychology. Currently, she is a CUB Crew member and a Career Peer! Besides studying and leading young adults, she enjoys shopping, cooking, and meeting new people!

Lana Kolchinsky

Lana Kolchinsky, Career Peer

Lana is a junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Management. She is the president of Stetson University Hillel and serves as a Senator in the Stetson Student Government Association. Besides working as a leader on campus, Lana enjoys reading, music, travel and meeting new people.

Guilherme Pinheiro

Guilherme Pinheiro, Career Peer

Guilherme is a junior pursuing a degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Finance. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, he is a member of the Stetson Men's Soccer team. He was previously employed by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and is a member of other organizations on campus. Guilherme is looking forward to supporting students using his passion and unique experiences!

Jacob Sadoway

Jacob Sadoway, CPTA

Jacob Sadoway is a senior double major in corporate finance and management. He is currently the Executive Director of Stetson's Dance Marathon program. He is also heavily involved on campus as a resident assistant, student ambassador, FOCUS leader and much more. Jacob also experienced the opportunity to study abroad in Milan, Italy, for one semester. Jacob has a passion for making an impact everywhere he goes while gaining new experiences.

Dean Revlett

Dean Revlett, CPTA

Dean Revlett is a senior majoring in finance. He is vice president of Stetson's club ultimate frisbee team. When he is not studying or learning, he enjoys taking his dog to the disc golf course where he spends his afternoons.

Oda Homme

Oda Homme, CPTA

Oda is a junior majoring in International Business. She is one of our two CPTA (Career Peer Teaching Apprentice/Assistant) leaders. Oda is committed to helping students develop skills needed for future job interviews and resumes. Besides guiding students with their professional careers, she is also a member of the Stetson Beach Volleyball team. She enjoys hiking, traveling and meeting new people!

Alyssa Gilman

Alyssa Gilman, CPTA

Alyssa is a sophomore majoring in Health Sciences and is currently a member of the softball team. She is committed to lending a hand where needed. Besides school, she enjoys playing softball alongside her teammates, hanging out with my family, and relaxing at the beach.

Diana Rodriguez

Diana Rodriguez, CPTA

Diana is a sophomore majoring in International Business. She is an Annual Events member at Green, White & YOU, and looks forward to being more involved on campus. Alyssa loves to read, write and to learn more about the people around her. She is more than happy to help students advance both academically and professionally.

Shadia Munoz-Najar

Shadia Munoz-Najar, CPTA

Shadia is a sophomore and an international student from Peru, majoring in Political Science. She is a WORLD ambassador and a student in the Honors program and a Student Intern at the Office of Faculty Engagement. In her free time, she enjoys watching musicals, reading and baking.