Internship Impact Fund

Through generous donations, the Office of Career and Professional Development can offer financial assistance to support summer internships.


5 pictures of student opportunities given by the internship impact fund

Impacting student’s lives so they can impact our world.

The funds may be used to offset travel or living expenses such as air travel, gas mileage, parking, and more. Internships may be at a non-profit, for-profit, domestic, or international organization. Funding depends on donations and may vary from year to year.

“I first want to thank you for your aid in my internship experience abroad. This trip across the sea was the trip of a lifetime, and with your help, it has been truly a life-changing experience. Traveling to Kenya through my program, International Medical Aid (IMA), was more than what I could have ever expected. 

When applying for this internship, my goal was to come home with a better understanding of what specialty I might like to pursue through the unique ability to shadow closely in various hospital departments, which is hard to come by in the United States. What I didn’t know, is that I would leave with an aching in my chest, and a desire stronger than ever to educate others and create a positive impact on Global Healthcare” - Dylan Anthony

“This internship program is allowing me to discover the applicability of mathematics and explore future career opportunities for myself with the hopes of walking away from this summer with a full-time job offer. The financial stability that this scholarship provided me with during the extent of my program allowed me to focus on maximizing my contributions to my project. Thank you for the opportunity to be a recipient of this scholarship fund.” - Miranda Bihler

“The internship impact fund has been incredibly impactful in my life. I feel as though it has allowed me to take full advantage of all the career and personal development opportunities that Stetson has to offer. This year, I used the fund to be an intern for a non-profit marine animal rescue organization in Peru. There, I developed professionally, practicing hands-on skills, related to promoting conservation and providing animal care, that will undoubtedly further me in my career in animal rescue”. - Kaci Kruglewicz

The Stetson Career and Professional Development office recently put together a report on the impact of the Internship Impact Fund from 2014-2023. This report includes student impact by school, demographic, and need, internship sites around the world, outcomes of donor impact, and projected need for 2024.

Internship Impact Fund 10-year Report

Information for Students

Any Stetson University undergraduate student during the summer of the internship. We encourage students from all majors to apply.

  • Any Stetson University undergraduate student can apply. To be eligible, you must still be an undergraduate during the summer of the internship.
  • We encourage students from all majors to apply. 
  • Preference will be given to students completing unpaid internships.
  • Students may apply while still in the internship search process but must have secured an internship offer by the application closing date of March 31st.

Time Event

March 1-31

Access the Internship Impact Fund Application

EXTENDED to April 7

Application portal closes


All applicants will be notified of their application status via their Stetson email. 

April 16

Signed Award Letters are due in the Internship Impact Fund Canvas course

Early May

Signed award winners will receive 80% of their award


Complete an Internship Orientation in Canvas, if you have not within the past year

July 7

Complete the Canvas course for the Internship Impact Fund

Early August

Signed award winners will receive the remaining 20% of their award.

  • Details about your internship, such as title, organization, and location.  You will be asked about your search timeline if you do not have an internship yet. 
  • Your internship offer letter or list of organizations you have applied to
    • If you secure an internship after you submit your application, send an offer letter or other proof of internship to [email protected]. Applicants who do not complete this step will be ineligible for an award.
  • A statement of need
  • An estimated budget

  • Your signed Award Letter
  • Receipts showing how the funds were used
  • A thank you letter to the Impact Fund donors
  • A picture related to your internship experience 
  • An updated resume or portfolio, which includes the internship
  • Answer questions about your Career Readiness competencies
how the intership impact fund works

Donor Information

Donor Recognition: Identifiable donors will be personally thanked for their contributions via thank-you letters by the impacted students, along with a picture related to their internship experience.

Secure Giving: Blackbaud processes your donation on behalf of this nonprofit organization. To protect your credit card information, when used according to the manufacturer's instructions, Blackbaud:

  • Encrypts personal and credit card information during all transactions.
  • Sends an automated confirmation email for all transactions.