Stetson-Daytona State College Select Program Open House
Stetson-Daytona State College Select Program Open House
Stetson-Daytona State College Select Program Open House

Stetson's Transfer Honors Programs

Stetson University has signed an agreement to automatically admit students from the Daytona and Lake-Sumter State Colleges honors programs. The agreement allows DSC and LSSC students in good standing to be admitted to Stetson University. In addition, these students have the ability to apply for one of spots in Stetson University’s Transfer Honors Program.

We want students like you to succeed. Nationally, fewer than 1 in 7 students who enter an associate's degree program will transfer to a 4-year institution and complete a bachelor's degree. Knocking down barriers in the transfer process will narrow our nation's opportunity gap. More graduates mean a better workforce, better citizens, and more happiness.

Stetson-DSC Select Articulation Agreement

Stetson Today - Fixing the 'Leaky Pipeline'

Quick Facts

Why should I transfer to Stetson University?

Stetson is a selective, rigorous and diverse community of learners and faculty just twenty minutes from Daytona State and fifty minutes from Lake Sumter. 94% of our faculty hold PhD's or terminal degrees, and Stetson houses a prestigious Phi Beta Kappa chapter, the Gamma of Florida, that acknowledges the excellence and rigor of our liberal learning curriculum. Furthermore, Stetson faculty have carefully planned a way for you to know your costs and guarantee that you can complete a Bachelor of Arts with just two additional years of study.

What makes Stetson think I'll succeed?

Transfer success depends on adequate student transfer preparation at the associate's level and good transfer support at the bachelor's level. We've worked with your advisors and know your honors programs. We believe in them, so we know that you are going to be prepared for Stetson. But there's a huge difference between getting in and getting through. Once you're here, if you commit to hard work and focus on your studies, we're going to do what it takes to support you through graduation by advising you through the process, communicating with the chairs of your chosen departments, and connecting you with other students.

How do I qualify for this program?

Students who graduate with an Associate of Arts Degree as students in good standing from Daytona State College's Quanta Honors Program and/or Lake Sumter State College Honors Program and complete the application, send transcripts and fill out the intent to enroll 30 days in advance of transfer are automatically admitted to Stetson University. General admission is a guarantee if these criteria are fulfilled, but students must be further approved by the Stetson University Honors Program for entry into Stetson's Honors Program.

How do I transfer to Stetson University?

Fill out a brief application for admission, send official transcripts and complete the Intent to Enroll form. This form asks you to agree that you fulfilled the qualifications above and alerts us to your plans. Requirements for graduation change over time, but the date you sign the Intent to Enroll form will become our standard for what graduation requirements apply to you.

Do I have to major in Philosophy or Biology?

You can choose from among any of our more than 53 majors and 45 minors. But, the guaranteed path to graduation in 4 semesters requires 1) acceptance into the University Honors Program and 2) majoring in Biology or Philosophy. These programs graduate students who are successful in all kinds of fields, feature engaged and experienced faculty, and many students in these departments go on to medical school (Biology) and law school (Philosophy). If you major in something else, you may need to spend extra time (perhaps one or two semesters) to fulfill all of the credits necessary to graduate with the degree from Stetson University.

What classes do I need to take at DSC?

To graduate in 4 semesters with a Biology degree after transferring to Stetson, you'll need to take:

  1. BSC 1010, General Biology I (For Science Majors), and lab
  2. BSC 1011, General Biology II, and lab
  3. CHM 1045, General College Chemistry I, and lab
  4. CHM 1046, General College Chemistry II, and lab
  5. PHY 1053, General Physics I, and lab
  6. PHY 1054, General Physics II, and lab
  7. STA 2023, Elementary Statistics

By the time you graduate from Stetson, you'll have taken all the required courses for the MCAT and most medical schools, and you'll be ready for a career in many health fields.

To graduate in 4 semesters with a Philosophy degree after transferring to Stetson, you'll need to take:

  1. PHIL 2010, Introduction of Philosophy
  2. PHIL 2100, Philosophy of Reasoning, Argument and Critical Thinking
  3. PHIL 2600, Introduction to Ethics
  4. LIT 2000, Literature and Culture
  5. REL 2300, World Religion
  6. Either HUM 2210, Prehistory to Medieval Humanities, or HUM 2230, Renaissance to Postmodern Humanities
  7. Quanta Seminar for Pre-Law (course number to be determined).

By the time you graduate from Stetson, you'll be prepared to take the LSAT, apply to law school, and for careers in many exciting fields. You'll be prepared for admission to competitive law schools, including Stetson's College of Law in Gulfport/Tampa

What Honors class do I have to take at Stetson?

Students accepted into the University Honors Program will take 2.5 courses in Honors to graduate within the Program: Honors Service Learning 102 (year one/spring semester). Honors Junior Seminar 301 (year two/spring semester); one additional two-credit course in the Honors Program (Tutorials 202 or other); finally, participate in the Best Books Club 401 and 402 (these are offered every semester and are non-credit bearing). Students will also need to prepare for and participate in our Honors Oral Examination just prior to graduation, which asks students to weave together their values and learning. By the time you get to Stetson, we hope to have two, new two-credit courses available: “Logic for Lawyers” (a course that will help prepare you for the LSAT) and “Biology for Health Professionals” (a course that will help prepare you for the MCAT).

How much is this going to cost me?

Not much as you might fear. Up to 32 students who meet all the requirements outlined above and are accepted into the University Honors Program will receive the Stetson Select Honors scholarship, which, in combination with any cash award for tuition costs the students is eligible for or receives from sources outside the University (e.g. EASE, Bright Futures, Pell, and all other Federal and State aid provided), will equal 100 percent of the regular tuition and fee charges. A honors student who is not invited to the University Honors Program is still automatically admitted to Stetson University and will be supported with a generous scholarship. Recipients of the scholarship are guaranteed to receive it for 4 semesters, excluding summers, so long as they maintain adequate academic progress.

Contact Information

media/Eisen-Andy-150px-LowRes-Aug2018.pngDr. Andrew Eisen

Visiting Assistant Professor of History and Co-Director of University Honors Program

Email: [email protected]

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media/yohann-ripert.jpgDr. Yohann Ripert

Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Co-Director of University Honors Program

Email: [email protected]

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Additionally, you can contact the Office of Admissions at [email protected]