Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Stetson's graduate programs offered?

Following is a complete list of Stetson University graduate programs and the campus(es) and/or satellite center(s) at which each is offered.


  • Accounting - DeLand, Online
  • Business Administration - Celebration, DeLand
  • Executive Business Administration - Celebration
  • Law/Business Administration - Gulfport/Tampa
  • Pharmacy/Business Administration - Online


  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Celebration, DeLand
  • Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling - Celebration, DeLand
  • School Counseling - Celebration, DeLand


  • Educational Leadership - Celebration, DeLand

Fine Arts

  • Creative Writing - New Smyrna Beach, Elsewhere in the Americas


  • Law - Gulfport/Tampa
  • Advocacy - Gulfport/Tampa
  • Elder Law - Gulfport/Tampa
  • International Law - Gulfport/Tampa
  • Law/Business Administration - Celebration/Gulfport/Tampa

What are the requirements to be admitted into a graduate program?

Each program has slightly different admission requirements. Refer to the individual program's admission page for specific information on admission requirements.




Fine Arts


When are application deadlines?

Stetson University accepts admission applications on a rolling basis. For any given semester, we'll accept application up to the published application deadline. However, we recommend applying early. For example, if you'd like to begin your graduate studies in the spring semester, we suggest completing your application at the beginning of the preceding fall semester.

Does Stetson University require standardized testing?

Stetson University requires the completion of standardized testing as part of the application process. The specific test that is required depends on the graduate program to which you're applying:

  • Graduate programs in the College of Law require the LSAT exam.
  • Graduate programs in counselor education require the GRE.
  • Graduate programs in teacher education require the GRE if the minimum GPA requirement is not met.
  • Graduate programs in the School of Business Administration require the GMAT or GRE. Executive MBA applicants may be exempt from this requirement if they have at least four years of management experience and the program director's approval.

What are the requirements for international students?

All international applicants for admission who do not come from an English-speaking country or who have not attended an English-speaking school for at least three years must provide proof of English proficiency. Proof of English proficiency may be supplied by any one of the following methods:

Test scores must be sent directly to Stetson University from the testing agency in order to be considered official. Minimum acceptable scores are 90 (TOEFL) and 7.0 (IELTS).

International students will be required to complete an additional student medical report upon admission to the university. Proof of insurance or the ability to obtain health insurance through the student insurance plan is also required.

Under United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) regulations, any foreign national coming to the United States for full-time study, or transferring from one U.S.-based institution to another, must have sufficient funds to meet all anticipated expenses for at least the first year of study. It is the student's responsibility to present acceptable evidence of adequate financial support before requesting the USCIS SEVIS I-20 form ("Certificate of Eligibility") which is required in order to apply for the Student Visa. Upon application for the entry visa, the official at the United States Consulate or Embassy may request documentary proof of this support.

For more information regarding the F-1 visa, please see

After you have been admitted to Stetson University, you will be required to submit the International Student Certification of Finances.

After I apply, how long will it take before an admission decision is made?

After all the application requirements are met you will be notified once the university has made a decision on your application.

Where should I send my application for admission?

While the application for admission can be completed online, you are required to submit supplemental application materials before your application can be considered complete. Please send these materials to:

Office of Graduate Admission
421 N. Woodland Blvd., Unit 8289
DeLand, FL 32723

Can I transfer graduate credits from other schools?

In some cases, Stetson University will accept up to six graduate credits from a similarly accredited institution. An official transcript with the graduate-level courses shown as well as course descriptions and, in some cases, course syllabi, are required. Potential transfer courses must have been completed with a grade of B or better. Each transfer decision is made on a case-by-case basis.

Does Stetson University offer financial aid to graduate students?

Stetson University offers financial aid to graduate students. Information on specific aid options may be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Student Financial Planning may also be contacted at, 386-822-7120 or 800-688-7120.

If you're employed, please check with your employer to see if they offer tuition reimbursement benefits. If you plan on utilizing a tuition reimbursement plan, please inform the Office of Admission as soon as possible so that they may help you to facilitate that process.

What is your typical class size?

Classes vary in size depending on the campus or satellite location you attend and the program in which you're enrolled.

Can I visit Stetson University?

Absolutely! Please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at or 386-822-7100 to make arrangements and schedule a date and time for your visit.

Will you help me find employment after graduation?

You can ask individual professors and staff members for letters of recommendation at any time. You can also use the university's Career Development and Academic Advising office for help in finding employment.