38th Annual National Conference on Law and Higher Education

Higher Education Law and Policy at the Crossroads in 2017: Accountability and Regulation of American Colleges and Universities in Times of
Legal, Social and Political Upheaval

Feb. 9-13, 2017 - Hilton Orlando, Florida


Higher Education—are you ready for 2017? A new president means potential changes in enforcement philosophy, leadership and direction for the Departments of Education and Justice. A Supreme Court in flux. The Higher Education Act reauthorization process. The role of accreditors challenged. Generation Z arrives. Renewed activism and student protests. Student debt. Increased pressure on higher education from the states.

We all sense major change in the air. A gathering of interdisciplinary law and policy professionals has never been more important.

Join Stetson University College of Law in February for what could be the most important National Conference on Law and Higher Education in its nearly 40-year history. Facilitated by the nation's leading higher education scholars, thinkers and practitioners, we will work through the incredible challenges and opportunities facing America in higher education.

This year’s conference—the first major law and policy conference following the election—will feature sessions including:

  • Title IX Basics Workshop
  • Disability Law Workshop
  • Impact of Title IX on Greek Life and Religious Colleges
  • Constitutional Law and Higher Education Workshop
  • The Branding of the American Mind
  • The New Administration and the Higher Education Act 
  • Litigation Update Workshop 
  • Legal Issues in Residential Life 

Stetson's National Conference on Law and Higher Education has always been known to adapt to your needs and the changing climate of law and policy in our field. For instance, we were the first to alert you to the coming federal interventions in higher education (February 2011, right before the April 2011 DCL on Title IX). This year each and every presenter/facilitator will be tasked with ensuring that their materials and presentations are sensitive to the changes that may occur from the November election cycle through the first month of the new administration.

Did you miss the 2017 conference? You can purchase materials HERE.

Video: About the Conference

Conference Leadership


Conference Chair:
Peter F. Lake
Charles A. Dana Chair, Stetson University College of Law
Director, Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy

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Director, Office of Professional Education:
Mercy Roberg