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Research Guidelines for Vertebrate Animal Use

IACUC Training for a Research Study Involving Live Vertebrate Animals

All individuals who will be working with live vertebrate animals in Stetson University facilities must complete training before they may submit an application for a study’s approval to the IACUC and before they may work with these animals. The IACUC will not review applications submitted by individuals who have not completed training. In some circumstances, Stetson’s IACUC Institutional Officer, in consultation with the IACUC members, may waive the requirement for training for those investigators who transfer from other recognized sites where they have completed similar training.

The IACUC offers training twice during the academic year: once in mid-September and again in late February. The training session introduces participants to the Animal Welfare Act and its provisions, proper handling of the live vertebrate animals used most frequently at Stetson, and the potential for the spread of zoonoses (diseases spread by non-human vertebrates). The IACUC will announce the date, time, and place of training to all Stetson faculty members and students whose studies involve live vertebrate animals. Those who attend training must attend the entire session to obtain credit for having completed training. Late-comers will not receive credit for having completed training, will be ineligible for submitting an application for a study’s approval to the IACUC, and will be ineligible for conducting studies involving live vertebrate animals on Stetson’s campus.