If you are in danger or feel threatened, call 911 or contact Campus Public Safety

Flooding can occur due to major rainstorms, water main breaks or loss of power to sump pumps.

In case of imminent or actual flooding:

If you can do so safely:

  1. Secure vital equipment, records and hazardous materials by moving them to higher, safer ground.
  2. Shut off all non-essential electrical equipment.
  3. Wait for instructions from Campus Public Safety or facilities if safe to do so.
  4. Move all personnel to a safe area, away from the building in danger. Locate persons with special needs, and provide assistance if possible. Otherwise, provide their location to emergency responders.
  5. Call Facilities Management at 386-822-8810 for assistance with flood clean-up.
  6. Do not return to the building until instructed to do so by Campus Public Safety or Facilities Management.