Campus Lockdown

If you are in danger or feel threatened, call 911 or contact Campus Public Safety

For the protection and safety of staff, faculty, students, and visitors, a crisis on campus may require the university to implement emergency lockdown of a building or the entire campus. This action would be necessary for situations where evacuation would not be appropriate.

For example, an armed intruder on campus would require that building occupants lock themselves in rather than being exposed to danger. Time is critical in such a crisis, and the lockdown must be initiated as quickly as possible. The emergency management team will order the lockdown if deemed necessary. Notification of a lockdown may be made via phone message, text message, e-mail, or verbally by Stetson University Campus Public Safety.

When an announcement is made to initiate an emergency lockdown, the following steps should be followed:

  1. All persons should proceed to an area that can be secured.
  2. All doors into the area should be locked.
  3. Move to an area that is most distant from doors accessible from outside the room.
  4. Close blinds and drapes for concealment.
  5. Turn off lights.
  6. Remain under lockdown until advised by Campus Public Safety, law enforcement personnel, or the emergency management team that the crisis has been resolved.