To Control Bleeding

If you are in danger or feel threatened, call 911 or contact Campus Public Safety

Do not move the victim unless there is an immediate threat to life, or you need to move the victim to provide care. In an emergency, use universal precautions (gloves and rescue masks).

  1. Have the injured person lie down. If possible, position the person's head slightly lower than the trunk or elevate the legs if you do not suspect a head, neck or back injury. If possible, elevate the site of bleeding above the heart. 
  2. Apply pressure directly to the wound. Use a sterile bandage, clean cloth or even a piece of clothing. If nothing else is available, use your hand.
  3. Continue with pressure until paramedics arrive.
  4. Don't remove the gauze or bandage. If the bleeding continues and seeps through the gauze or other material you are holding on the wound, don't remove it. Instead, add absorbent material to stop it.