Vera Bendiksen

Vera Bendiksen

Hometown: Melbourne, FL
Major: Economics
Minor: Applied Statistics
Class Year: 2025

Why I Chose Stetson:

I chose Stetson because of many things. One of those things was the beautiful campus that is surrounded by beautiful green trees and plants. I also chose Stetson because I knew that I will be able to communicate to professors one-on-one when I need help or academic review of my work in class. I also chose Stetson due to its pre-law program that allows me to speak to attorneys, judges, and others in the legal field as well as participate in pre-law fraternity and mock trial!

Involvements on Campus:

Mock trial, Phi Alpha Delta (pre-law fraternity), Student Ambassadors

What I Like to Do on Weekends:

I like to walk around campus on weekends because it really is magical. I also like to review my notes from classes that week and prepare my homework and other work! And I love going to ice cream shops downtown because they are super cute and have lots of flavors to choose from.

My Favorite Class at Stetson:

I loved calculus because the professor was amazing and I learned a lot about business calculus and how many businesses use specific formulas to calculate revenue, profit, and other important things.

Advice to Prospective Students:

Do not be scared to meet new people and do not be afraid of trying out new clubs! This way will allow you to fully experience Stetson and new friendships.

Favorite Place on Campus:

The Stetson Green. I love that place because I can always watch dogs playing around and students relax and study.