Tori Watson

Tori Watson

Hometown: Bradenton, FL
Major: English
Minor: Business Law
Class Year: 2025

Involvements on Campus:

Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Student Ambassadors

What I Like to Do on Weekends:

On the weekends I like to clean and catch up on any homework I may need to do.

My Favorite Class at Stetson:

My favorite class I've taken on campus so far is Biblical Literature. This has been my favorite class because I am a believer of the gospel, it allows me to expand upon my knowledge of the Bible from an academic standpoint.

Advice to Prospective Students:

My advice to prospective students is to build connections! If you put yourself out there at Stetson, there's no way you won't enjoy the campus and all of its opportunities. Make friends, build relationships with your professors, and be kind. I know sometimes we want to stay to ourselves and that sometimes we're scared to communicate with others, but it is so worth it at Stetson.

Favorite Place on Campus:

My favorite place on campus is the duPont-Ball Library basement. This is my favorite because it's a quiet study area where I can focus and get my work done comfortably.