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Track 1

Week 1 - Comparative Analysis of Global Marijuana Laws, Jennifer Smith


Week 2 - Justice on Trial: The Nuremberg Trials of 1947, Judge Edward LaRose


Week 3 - International Environmental Adjudication, Paul Boudreaux

Readings - Part 1
Readings - Part 2

Week 4 - Comparative International Criminal Law & Procedure, Miller Shealy

Readings - #1
Readings - #2
Readings - #3

Track 2

Week 1 - Africa and the International Criminal Court, Jennifer North


Week 2 - The Human Right to Education, Areto Imoukhuede

Syllabus & Readings

Week 3 - Violence Agains Women: Armed Conflict, Exploitation, and Subjugation, Luz Nagle

Readings List

Day 1
CEDAW General Recommendation No. 19
Conflict Related Sexual Violence UN Report
Council of Europe Convention
Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights
Violence Against Women Infographic
Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women
Gender-based Violence: UNFPA United Nations Population Fund

Day 2
Child Soldiers
Colombia Sexual Violence by FARC Guerillas
Colombia: Spain Agrees to Extradite FARC
Colombia Drug War: Urabenos Cartel Recruits Virgins for Sex Slaves
Colombia Investigates Forced Abortions for Female Fighters
Colombia's Child Guerillas
Fiscalia Denuncia que AbortoForzado Fue Politica de las FARC
Humiliation Replaces Fear for the Women Kidnapped by ISIS
Joseph Kony Kidnapped 591 Children in Past Three Years
Kidnapped as Children, They Escaped from Kony's LRA
Landmark Cases, ICTY
Prosecutor v. Akayesu, Rwanda Tribunal
Sexual Violence in Colombia
Spain Arrests Man Known as The Nurse for Forced Abortions
UNICEF Boko Haram Has Kidnapped More Than 1000 Children
War Rape: Is Justice Being Done?

Day 3
Death of 10-year-old Girl Prompts First FGM Prosecution
Fearing the Dark
Female Genital Mutilation Trial
First Criminal Prosecution of Female Genital Mutilation in Queensland
First Federal Case Under Female Genital Mutilation Ban
Gambia's Yahya Jammeh Bans Female Genital Mutilation
Houston Death Penalty Trial Brings Focus to Sourge of Honor Killing
Shocking Surge of Honor Killings in Pakistan
Superstition Drives Child Sex Trafficking in Peru's Gold Rush
Two Remanded for Practising Female Genital Mutilation
Violent Attacks Against People with Albinism in South Africa

Day 4
Middle Class Childless Couple Arrested in Athens
Albanian Mafia Operated Black Market Baby Factories
Child Prostitution Booming in Peruvian Amazon
UN Resolution: Trafficking in Women and Girls

Week 4 - Family Law and International Tribunals, Timothy Arcaro

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