The Binnenhof at night

Academic Program - The Hague, Netherlands

Interior of government building The Hague program contains four separate one-credit hour courses. Classes will usually meet during the mornings, Monday-Thursday, leaving afternoons and three-day weekends free for travel and other activities. All course instructions will be in English. 

This summer study abroad program has been approved by the American Bar Association.

The Hague program includes the following modules.

Track 1:

  • Human Rights in International Family Law (Louise Teitz, Roger Williams)
  • War Crimes and Courts-Martials (Jennifer North, Charleston)
  • International Consumer & Privacy Law (Mark Bauer, Stetson) 
  • International Intellectual Property Alternate Dispute Resolution (Darryl Wilson, Stetson)

Track 2:

  • International Negotiation & Mediation (James Sheehan, Stetson)
  • Global Aging (Mark Bauer, Stetson)
  • Justice on Trial – The Nuremberg Justice Trials of 1947 (Edward LaRose, Stetson)
  • International Human Rights & Policing in the U.S. (Judith Scully, Stetson)

See Courses for a more complete description of the classes offered this summer.


Classes will be held at the Institute for Social Studies (ISS) in The Hague, Netherlands. The administrative office of the resident directors for the program is located nearby the classroom.