Cancellation Policy - The Hague, Netherlands

Stetson reserves the right to cancel the program before May 1, 2024, for lack of adequate enrollment, or any other reason, with a full refund given to the students within 20 days. Stetson will also offer to place students in a similar program in the event of cancellation of the program. Stetson also reserves the right to cancel or shorten the program at any time should extraordinary circumstances arise such as a natural disaster, political emergency, or force majeure. In such an event, participants will receive a refund for the proportion of credit tuition and accommodations not yet utilized.

If prior to commencement of the program -- or during the program -- a U.S. State Department Travel Warning or Alert is issued for the country in which the program will be conducted, all registrants will be promptly notified of the warning and be given an opportunity to withdraw from the program.

Formal Method of Communication with Students
E-mail is the official method of communication with all students on matters relating to the program. Stetson students will be contacted through their Stetson e-mail address, and non-Stetson students will be contacted through the e-mail address they provide to Stetson on their application for the study abroad program.