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Installing Office 2016 (Mac) via Office365

1) If any version(s)of Microsoft Office are already installed on your computer, please uninstall them. This will need to be done prior to installing the Stetson-provided Office 2016. You will also need to restart your computer.

2) Login to using your Stetson user name and password.

Sign In
3) Click Install now to begin the installation process.

Install now
4) Once the download has completed, open the Office.pkg file in your Downloads folder, then follow the installation steps. Click Close once the installation has completed successfully.

You will find the newly installed Office applications in Finder by navigating to Go > Applications.

5) Launch Microsoft Word; click through the prompts until you are asked to Sign in to Activate Office. Enter your credentials as follows:

  • Email address:
  • Password: your network password (the same as used for myStetson and Stetson email)

Sign In6) The installation and activation are now complete!

Access OneDrive

1) Launch Word, and create a new document.

2) Next, select File > Save As. Notice you have the option to save to OneDrive – Stetson University, Inc. Save your newly created document here.

3) Now, open a web browser and navigate to Log in with your Stetson user name and password. You will see that your test document is saved in OneDrive, making it accessible from any device that has internet connectivity. Additionally, OneDrive offers one terabyte of storage space for your use.


Configure Stetson Email in Outlook

1) Launch Outlook and click through the prompts until you are prompted to Add Account.

Add Account
2) Select Exchange or Office 365 as the account type, and enter the following information:

  • Email:
  • User Name:
  • Password: your Stetson network password (same as used for myStetson)

Click Add Account once complete.

In the popup window, check the box for Always use my response for this server and then select Allow.
3) Once configured, it may take a few moments for your emails to populate while Outlook sets up a local copy of your mailbox.

Skype for Business (Lync for Mac)

1) Login to using your Stetson user name and password.

2) Under the Install now button, select Other installs.

3) Under Software, select Skype for Business; click the Install button to begin download and installation. The Lync icon will appear in your dock after installation.

Skype Lync
4) Follow the steps provided under 2. Set up of the Skype for Business download page to configure Lync.

Set up