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Information Technology - Mobile Configuration

Installing and Configuring the Outlook App

  • Access the app store for your mobile device and search for Microsoft Outlook (a free application).
  • Once you locate the Outlook app, click the Install button; you may need to accept the access terms to proceed, and the download and installation will begin.
  • Once the installation has completed, launch the app.
  • Click Get Started to begin configuration. You will be prompted to enter your Stetson email address, then Continue.
  • Next, enter your user name (everything before the @ in your Stetson email address) and password. Then, Sign In.
  • Outlook will complete your login, and will ask if you would like to set up any additional accounts; you may add another account or select Skip to continue. 

Please take a moment to view the tutorial that appears when your account is configured. It may take a few moments for your email to populate, but you will see your Inbox and messages below once complete. Clicking on the Menu button (three bars) in the upper left corner will reveal shortcuts to other folders in your mailbox.

Configuring the Default Mail Client on your Mobile Device

Although the Outlook for Mobile application is optimized for Office 365, you may choose to configure your Stetson email account using your mobile device’s default mail client. Please keep in mind that the configuration process may vary slightly from device to device. However, most devices use the following settings:

  • Select Exchange or Corporate Sync type of account
  • Email Address:
  • Server:
  • Domain: leave this field blank
  • UserID/Username:
  • Password: Your Stetson account password