Picture of the Grattan Bridge which is a road bridge spanning the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland Exchange - Academic Program

Stetson University College of Law and UCD Sutherland School of Law partnered in 2015 to offer educational, professional, and cultural opportunities to their students through an exchange program for their students. Stetson Law students can participate in this unique semester exchange opportunity in their second year of law school.

Academic Performance

Stetson students may participate in the exchange program in their second year of study, and credits from UCD will transfer according to the Stetson Transfer Credit policy.  Students must achieve satisfactory performance as per the transfer credit policy in order for the credits to count toward the JD at Stetson.

Selecting Your Units

Choose from six LL.M. options. Stetson students have the option of attending for two exchange semesters: the first a simple exchange semester, and the second an LL.M. semester. The LL.M. semester may be applied toward an LL.M. degree at UCD, but Stetson students would have to return to UCD, at their own expense, to complete an additional LL.M. semester and a dissertation semester at UCD cost. The two additional semesters at UCD are not covered by the exchange agreement.

Credit Transfer

Credits earned at UCD will be reflected as transfer credits at Stetson and will not affect the grade point average.  Stetson students will be awarded transfer credit as per the Stetson Transfer Credit Policy.

Students in 2020/2021

No students participated in the UCD/Stetson exchange in 2020 or 2021 due to concerns over the COVID-19 virus.