Picture of the Grattan Bridge which is a road bridge spanning the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland Exchange

Term Dates for Outbound (Stetson) Students

at UCD Sutherland School of Law

Eligible Semester: 2L Fall, Spring
Degree Earned:
Non-degree; Dual LL.M. Degree
Language of Instruction:
Length of Program:
1-2 semesters
U.S. Citizens need a Visa:
U.S. citizens must apply for a visa through the Ireland Embassy

Application Deadlines:

Full Academic Year: September to May
Nomination Deadline: May 1
Application Deadline: May 15

Autumn Trimester: September to December
Nomination Deadline: May 1
Application Deadline: May 15

Spring Trimester: January to May
Nomination Deadline: October 1
Application Deadline: October 15

Students at Stetson University College of Law can spend either a semester or a full academic year in a new foreign exchange program in Dublin, Ireland. Selected students have the option of attending for two exchange semesters: the first a simple exchange semester, and the second an LL.M. semester. The LL.M. semester may be applied toward an LL.M. degree at UCD, but Stetson students would have to return to UCD, at their own expense, to complete an additional LL.M. semester and a dissertation semester at UCD cost to earn the LL.M. from UCD. The two additional semesters at UCD are not covered by the exchange agreement. Students choose to specialize in one of five concentrations in international commercial law, European law and public affairs, international human rights, information technology, and intellectual property law, or criminology and criminal justice.





Once students have been accepted to UCD, UCD Global will e-mail instructions on how to apply for the UCD Residences. Please note that their on-campus accommodations are not guaranteed and are limited.

UCD Residences operate the UCD Accommodation Pad which offers a variety of off-campus housing options for: